Offier Responsibilities

Officer Responsibilities

The followings will provide a general glimse of what each GEC officer does. This description is, by no means, the only things the officers can do. Officers are encouraged to go above and beyond and make GEC amazing once again!

(The italicized texts next to each position are not to be taken very seriously.)

For a more comprehensive list of officer responsibilities, please see the GEC Constitution, under Article IV, Section 4.01.


President Leader of the Pack

The president oversees and leads GEC events and officers, represents GEC and assist officers with duties, and facilitates funding and resources for GEC events. Moreover, the president presides over GEC officer meetings.


Vice President Assistance of the King/Queen

The vice president works with the president to guarantee the success of GEC and officer meetings. The vice president must be able to resume the responsiblities of the president in the absence of the president. The vice president oversees activities and progresses of standing and special committees.


Financial Director | Money Lender

The financial director keeps detailed records of the finances of GEC and is responsbile for maintaining GEC finances and reporting balances and transactions at meetings.


SecretaryKeeper of the Records

The secretary records and distributes the minutes at each GEC meeting. The secretary is responsible for maintaining files and overall organization of the office and annually renewing GEC registration with the Office of Dean of Students.


Programs Development DirectorBrain of the Operation

The programs development director is a new position with a responsbility to come up with new activities and events for GEC every year to benefit graduate students and boost student participations in GEC.


Seminar Series Director Bringer of Great Speakers

The seminar series director hosts three events per semester catered to a diverse group of graduate students. The director coordinates with and advertise for a range of speakers (for example, a Sandia National Laboratories Distinguished Staff, UT graduate students, and a UT Alum with a startup) by putting up flyers around campus. The fun part is to get to order plenty of Torchy’s tacos and Tiff’s Treats cookies to encourage a large attendance!


Activities Chair | Planner of Plenty Fun 

The activity chair is responsible for the coordination of all social events put on by GEC. This includes booking of venues, caterers, and advertising the events and is mainly focused around the two main events of the year, the Boat Party and Crawfish Boil.


Public RelationsFair Face of GEC

The public relations director is in charged of advertizing events on social media and working with the IT director to maintain the GEC mailing list. The director is also responsible for designing t-shirts.


Newsletter EditorCreative Engineering Artist

The newsletter editor is responsible for updating GEC newsletters with upcoming events and sending out newsletters to department representatives.


IT Director/Webmaster The Hacker

The webmaster has the most important job of all to keep GEC website up-to-date with event information and photos. The webmaster is also in charge of posting events and event photos on social media site like Facebook.


Senate RepresentativeConnector of the Higher Entity 

The senate representative attends all Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) meetings and represents engineering graduate students. The senate representative acts as a voice for GEC and gives updates of GSA news at GEC meetings.


Department RepresentativeThe Messenger and Bringer of Fortune

The department representatives are responsible for sending emails with upcoming events and other GEC announcements to graduate students within their department. The representatives are direct contact persons to engineering graduate students in their corresponding departments.

Here is the advertisement from the 2019 GEC Officer Election.

Wanna really be involved with GEC affairs

Nominate yourself or someone else for an officer position. Here is the nomination link. Elections will be held on Wednesday, May 1st at 4:30-6 PM at ETC 2.108 (date, time & location change). Free Poke-e-Jos BBQ will be provided!

Nomination will close an hour before election. Please see this page for more information about officer responsibilities. Contact Enakshi Wikramanayake for any other questions (