Esperanza Guevara: 2005-2008

Esperanza Guevara

Esperanza Guevara
Pharmacy School student, Texas A&M Health Science Center Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy

I initiated my undergraduate studies at UT-Pan American. I was admitted to UT Austin’s Short Term Research Training for Undergraduate Minority Students in the summer of 2005, and Dr. Gore invited me to continue working in her lab as part of this program. After commuting from Edinburg to Austin every other weekend I transferred to UT-Austin in the Spring of 2006 and have been a part of the lab since then until my graduation as a Neurobiology major in 2008. I am currently a member of Voices for Choice, and enjoy kickboxing and self-defense. I begin Pharmacy School in fall, 2008.

I first started working with the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) GT1-7 cell line in in vitro experiments. At that time, I worked on optimizing the growing conditions for the GT1-7 cell line and then tested effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) on the release of GnRH, cell morphology, and cell population with fluorescence microscopy. Since then, I have also been trained on microsurgery, immunohistochemistry, brain sectioning, and new undergraduate training, and assisted in managing the Gore lab.

Published Abstracts:

  • Dickerson SM, Guevara E, Gore AC (2006) Differential effects of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners PCB74, PCB118, and PCB138 on GT1-7 cells. Gulf Coast Society of Toxicology Abst, Waco, TX. Awarded second place, best poster presentation.
  • Guevara E, Dickerson SM, Gore AC (2006) PCB77 induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in the GT1-7 hypothalamic cell line. Gulf Coast Society of Toxicology Abst, Waco, TX.


  • Society of Toxicology, 2005, Travel award to San Diego meeting.
  • NIEHS, Research Training Program for Minority Undergraduates, 2005 for summer and fall research in Dr. Gore’s lab.