Sharon Kim: 2007-2008

Sharon Kim

Sharon Kim
Pre-medical student, University of Texas at Austin


I am a pre-medical student at UT-Austin. I love studying science but I also have an interest in medical ethics. Thus, I am in the Bridging Disciplines Program to get a certificate in Ethics and Leadership, concentrating in Ethics of Health care. Currently, I serve as the president of Women in Science. I am also active in Hunger in North Korea, Nutritional Peer Educator Program, Acts college fellowship, and the FIG program. Off campus, I teach Sunday school at my church. I love playing with kids! In the future, I want to practice medicine and do research as well. I was recently admitted to Baylor College of Medicine for my medical school studies.

In the lab, my work focused on the neurons in the brain that secrete the GnRH peptide from terminals at the base of the brain, and how their interrelationships with glial cells undergo age-related alterations. I used the method of immunocytochemistry for GnRH, and analyzing their expression using the confocal microscope. I hope that my project will contribute to an understanding of how the neuroendocrine GnRH terminals, and their interactions with glial cells, change with age.

Published Abstract:

  • Yin W, Monita MM, Kim S, Wu D, Gore AC (2008) GnRH neuroterminal changes and interaction with glia in reproductive aging. Endocrine Society Abst., San Francisco, CA.