Tim Hsu: 2004-2006

Tim Hsu

Tim Hsu

Medical School Student, UTMB

As an undergraduate I was a pre-medical student studying psychology as part of the Plan II program. I was also an active member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-medical honors society, and in the Asian American Campus Ministry organization. In addition to my academics and clubs, my hobbies include swimming and biking, playing basketball, and learning classical/jazz guitar. My career goal is to graduate from medical school and practice internal medicine.

In Dr. Gore’s lab, I participated in a research study investigating transgenerational, epigenetic effects of an endocrine-disrupting chemical, vinclozolin, on mate choice behaviors. I developed the behavioral assays and analyses, and wrote an honor’s thesis based on this project.


  • Crews D*, Gore AC*+, Hsu TS, Dangleben NL, Spinetta M, Schallert T, Anway MD, Skinner MK (2007) Transgenerational epigenetic imprints on mate preference. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 104: 5942-5946.