Tina Chang: 2003-2005

Tina Chang

Tina Chang

Pharmacy School student, University of Texas College of Pharmacy


I was an undergraduate pre-pharmacy student who is now attending the UT-Austin pharmacy school. As an undergraduate, I participated in many school organizations such as Texas Medical Missionaries, CantO, Longhorn PrePharmacy Association, EPIC, and intramural sports. In my spare time I like to run, work crossword puzzles, and bake cookies. My future dreams are to graduate from Pharmacy school, study Eastern medicine in a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company, and perform medical missionary work in third world countries.

I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Gore’s lab under the supervision of a graduate student, Rebecca Steinberg. My project involved optimizing conditions for enzymatic DAB and fluorescent immunocytochemistry protocols in rodent brain, specifically GnRH, estrogen receptor beta, and aryl hydrocarbon receptor. I followed up by performing microscopic analyses of the expression of these molecules in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain controlling reproductive function. My immunocytochemistry experiments contributed to projects seeking to understand the distribution of these molecules in the rat brain, and their regulation by endocrine-disrupting chemicals.