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Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 PhD Defenses

Brandon Archuleta: The Military Pension Promise: Autonomous Policy Subsystems, Blue Ribbon Defense Commissions, And The Twenty-First All-Volunteer Force

Peter Harris: Global Gatekeeping: How Great Powers Respond to Rising States

Ariel Helfer: Political Ambition And Socratic Philosophy Plato’s Presentation Of Socrates And Alcibiades

Kai-ping Huang: Electoral Reforms And The Transformation Of Party System: Thailand In Comparative Perspective

Sarat Krishnan: Proliferating Security? Explaining U.S. Policy Towards Nuclear Weapon Aspirants

Daniel McCormack: Protection From Themselves: The Domestic Consequences Of International Hierarchy

Christian Sorace: Beyond Repair: State-Society Relations In The Aftermath Of The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

Mark Verbitsky: Aristotle On Rhetoric And Rationality: A Study Of Aristotelian Political Psychology

Allison White: From Competition To Monopoly: Establishing Party Dominance In Post-Communist Russia

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