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2016 Government Honors Theses

Meagan N. Abel:  “Guns, God and the Constitution: An assessment of Patriot group ideology in the 21st Century” (Advisor: H. W. Perry)

Seongkwan (Ryan) Ahn: “Determinants of Free Trade Negotiations:  The power of agricultural interest groups.”  (Advisor: Patricia Maclachlan)

Beau J. Bauman:  ““Unorthodox” Tactics in the 110th and 111th Congress: Contemporary leadership in the House of Representatives.”   (Advisor: Sean Theriault)

Chase Browndorf: “Drawing the Line: Evaluating redistricting institutions and the future of representation” (Advisor: Daron Shaw)

Samuel Claflin:  “A Timeless Declaration: The implied right to revolt in the American Constitution” (Advisor: Thomas Pangle)

Alexander Gaudio: “Non-Violent Communication in Politics.”  (Advisor: Bethany Albertson)

Lusaura (Michelle) Gutierrez: “Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses:  A comparative analysis of pre- and post-1965 immigrants’ role in the American economy”  (Advisor: Gary Freeman)

Joshua Hamlin: “A Welcoming Pot or Not? Efficacy of restrictive and expansive state immigration policies” (Advisor: Bryan Jones)

Julia Jirovsky:  “Political Representation: What Stands in the Way of Progress in D.C.?” (Advisor: Bartholomew Sparrow)

Maria Mendez:  “Green Constitutions or How Rules Protect Nature.  A comparative analysis of Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador” (Advisor: Daniel Brinks)

Rachel Osterloh: “Running While Female:  Regional campaign method variations in female gubernatorial elections” (Advisor: Bethany Albertson)

Brian Stewart:  “Evolving Political Socialization: Polarization-driven cynicism in children” (Advisor: Bethany Albertson)

Jacob Weaver: “Religious Rhetoric in the Contemporary Senate:  112th Senate analysis”  (Advisor: Sean Theriault)

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