Manochehr Dorraj Receives Grant to Internationalize TCU

Manochehr Dorraj was a part of the faculty-staff team that won a $2.9 million Quality Enhancement Award from the TCU administration to comprehensively internationalize the university.

In other news, Dorraj was a visiting research fellow at The Center for Regional and International Studies at Georgetown University Campus in Doha, Qatar, and was an invited speaker at the University of London, St. Andrews University in Scotland, Aberdeen University in Scotland, Dundee University in Scotland, and the Emirate Center for Strategic Studies and Research in the United Arab Emirates.

Dorraj’s recent publications include:

“The Dragon Nests: China’s Energy Engagement of the Middle East” China Report, Volume 49, Number 43, (June, 2013): 43-67.

“Populism on the Wall of Poverty” (In Persian), Andishieh Poya (Dynamic Thoughts): A journal of Politics and Culture. Tehran, Iran.(Spring, 2013):.51-54.

“Iran’s Northern Exposure: Foreign Policy Challenges in Eurasia” Georgetown University’s Occasional Papers, Number 13. (Fall, 2013): 1-27.

“Iran’s Expanding Relations With China and their Strategic Dimensions” Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Occasional Papers, Number 112.(Fall, 2013): 1-52. (With Simultaneous publication of Arabic Translation).

“Iran’s Foreign Policy: A Shifting Strategic Landscape” Middle East Policy, Vol. XX. No. 4. (Winter, 2013):133-147.

“Iran-China Relations and the Changing Political Map” In Thomas Juneau and Sam Razavi editors, Iran’s Foreign Policy Since 2001: Alone in the World (London & New York: Routledge, 2013): 179-195.