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The Graduate School will soon bid farewell to Terry Kahn, Debbie Hirsch, Lynn Margason, and Maggie Keeshan.

Our office will soon bid farewell to several members of our professional family.

Dr. Terry Kahn has been with The University of Texas at Austin for over forty-three years. He is both a Professor in the Community and Regional Planning Program at the School of Architecture and the Associate Dean of Student Services at the Graduate School. Dean Kahn is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Upon retirement next summer, Kahn looks forward to spending more time with his grandchildren, exercising, and volunteering with Project Healing Waters, an organization that focuses on taking wounded veterans fly-fishing.

Debbie Hirsch will retire in February after twenty-eight years at UT, which began at the Learning Disabilities Center. Debbie joined the Graduate School after working off campus in her husband’s car restoration business for fifteen years. She moved from Executive Assistant positions into technology and  Web management. Along the way, she was awarded a UT Outstanding Employee Award. She looks forward to spending her retirement with family, restoring cars with her husband, and creating family history books and DVDs.

Lynn Margason is a Degree Evaluator and has been with the Office of Graduate Studies for her entire twenty-four years at UT Austin. Lynn plans a rich retirement and looks forward to spending more time on her favorite interests: maintaining her farm and ranch, riding horses, writing, cooking, and further pursuing love of photography. Lynn also hopes to continue in finding ways to serve her community.

Maggie Keeshen is an Executive Assistant and has been with UT Austin for a total of thirty-five years. She began her time with Office of Graduate Studies in 1980. Before that, Maggie worked in grant-funded projects with Engineering and Education professors and helped James Michener set up the Texas Center for Writers and prepare two books for publication. Upon retirement, Maggie plans to travel—her next trip will be to Spain and the Balearic islands—sleep-in, and volunteer with one of Austin’s animal shelters.

Other staff changes include position movements and welcoming new employees.

New staff members include:

Meg Askey is our new Director of Communications. Meg has over fifteen years’ experience developing digital media in academia, and comes to us from The University of Texas Press, where she was the Web & Online Media Manager.

Elizabeth Korves joins us as Assistant Fellowship Manager at the graduate school. Elizabeth comes to us from the Department of Astronomy, where she served as the Managing Editor of The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Molly Miller is a recent graduate in history from Texas Lutheran University. Molly comes to us from volunteer positions at the Bob Bullock Museum and the Austin History Center and serves as our Main Receptionist.

Staff moves:

Rebekah Sylvia came to us last spring from Harvard University, where she was a Student Affairs Manager for The Division of Medical Sciences. Rebekah recently moved from our Main Receptionist position to a new role as Senior Administrative Associate.

Danielle Thoma arrived at the Graduate School from Caldwell University in New Jersey, where she was Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions. She was recently reclassified to a Program Coordinator and will work with the External Relations area on campus-wide programs to support graduate students.

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