Year: 2010

The DREAMER Meka-HCRL Sociable Head Arrives to the Lab

Experiments on prioritized compliant control

This video shows various experiments of the control of UT Austin’s humanoid Meka robot. We demonstrate prioritized torque control strategies, addressing hand position tasks and dynamically compensated posture optimization. In particular, the main contribution of the experiments is the ability

Compliant Control Experiments on the Meka Robot

Collaborative implementation of compliant control with Stanford Univ. and Willow Garage. Three experiments are shown: (a) gravity effort compensation to validate the robot’s dynamic and kinematic model, (b) dynamically weighted posture control to demonstrate the validity of the mass/inertia matrix,

Testing of Fluidic Muscles

A series of experiments to validate the capabilities of a high force compliant fluidic actuator in terms of tracking bandwidth, stiffness regulation, gravity compensation, and torque control.