Year: 2011

Slides from Humanoids 2011

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Illustrations of the Hume Biped for Fast Locomotion in Irregular Terrains

  UT Austin’s biped robot for fast rough terrain locomotion. The Hume biped will be capable of maneuvering on terrains with height variations between 0-40 [cm] at speeds above 1 [m/s]. It uses SEA actuators with joint velocities above 10

Motion Planning of Extreme Locomotion Maneuvers, Humanoids 2011

The HCRL on YNN TV Channel at Barnes & Noble

Kids in North Austin had a sneak peek at the future Saturday. Saturday, the Barnes & Noble story in the Arboretum hosted Dreamer, an artificially intelligent humanoid robot. Dreamer’s brain was programmed by the scientists at UT’s Human Centered Robotics

Stability Analysis to Plan Dynamic Locomotion in Very Rough Terrain, IROS 2011, ISRR 2011

Master’s Project: Tricky, Force Controlled Holonomic Base

Master’s students, Somudro Gupta (demonstrator) and Pius Wong (video) show their work on design and control of our new holonomic base Tricky. Tricky employs omni wheels set in a triangular configuration to achieve omni-directional force control. It uses three Maxon

Spotlight on the multi-contact/grasp matrix for the control of compliant legged robots

The HCRL Lab hosts Marc Raibert


Dreamer says hello to Willow Garage

These sketches present our current progress in compliant control of humanoid robots at Willow Garage. The idea is to combine torque-based compliant behaviors for Cartesian and joint space tasks. This approach enables to respond quickly to contact, be safe and