Year: 2012

Gyroscopic Telemanipulation of a Blindfolded Human

Trikey Compliant Mobile Base 2012 Completed

Talk at Dynamic Walking 2012

Dr. Sentis gives a talk at Dynamic Walking 2012 on Rough Terrain Locomotion.  

Slides from Robotics Science and Systems


UT-SEA: Compact, High Power, Light-Weight, Series Elastic Actuator

UT-SEA is a compact, light-weight, high-power actuator designed to enable energetic and high speed locomotion in electrically actuated legged systems. It uses a ballscrew as the primary speed reduction mechanism resulting in very high operating efficiency. The actuator is mounted

ONR, funds our project “HAWK: Hyper-Agile WalKing Controller for Bipedal Robots Aboard Navy Vessels”

Rough Terrain Manipulation Using the Dreamer/Meka Mobile Humanoid

DARPA Robotics Challenge

Check the news. We are excited!

The New Hume Bipedal Robot


The new Dreamer/Meka compliant humanoid robot

Series Elastic Actuator of Hume

Details of the new knee actuator of the bipedal robot Hume.