Year: 2013

Human-Centered Robotic Technologies for Semi-Autonomous Systems and Health Applications

This video, shows snapshots from several groups at the University of Texas at Austin developing Human-Centered Robotic Technologies. Assistant Professor Luis Sentis describes his work on semi-autonomous humanoid robots for The Office of Naval Research, NASA, and DARPA. Assistant Professor

Fully Omnidirectional Compliance in Mobile Robots

In order to make unintentional physical interaction with robots safer for humans, we develop compliant control of an omnidirectional wheeled base using Drive-Torque sensor feedback. The movie below shows a fully holonomic mobile robot system which achieves compliant motion via

Dreamer Prepares and Delivers Science Certificates to the Austin Jewish Academy

Hume Walks in Flat Terrain and Overcomes and Obstacle Using UT’s Phase Space Planning Techniques

In this video, showing results from our research funded by the US Office of Naval Research. UT’s Hume bipedal robot executes the trajectories given by a Phase Space Planner. A video of UT’s Phase Space Planner is shown further below.Congratulations

UT’s Phase Space Dynamic Locomotion Planner in Action

The video below shows a simulation of our Phase Space Planner in a very difficult terrain. Because the model has no ankle joints, the locomotion maneuver is highly dynamic.

Valkyrie Rehearsing at the DARPA Robotic Challenge Trials in Miami

NASA, the Human Centered Robotics Lab at UT Austin and Texas A&M made it to the DRC Trials. Here Valkyrie manipulates a valve while standing up. Valkyrie is a new bipedal robot that was designed and built from scratch in

Videos of Valkyrie Using Whole-Body Compliant Control

In the first video, Valkyrie, aided by a new whole-body compliant control and planning architecture, turns an industrial valve while being assisted by a skilled operator. In the second video, Valkyrie undergoes a series of tests to coordinate her upper

Hume’s Performance Results with Force Control SEA actuators

A new control architecture that utilizes effectively the force controlled Series Elastic Actuators of Hume is put to use for precision motion tracking under gravity disturbances.  

Whole-Body Compliant Mobility in Sloped Terrains, Accepted to Springer’s Autonomous Robots

“Implementation and stability analysis of prioritized whole-body compliant controllers on a wheeled humanoid robot in uneven terrains”, Springer’s Autonomous Robots, Vol. 35, Nu. 4, pp. 301-319, August 2013. Click on the image below for a link to the PDF

Paper on Mobility in Rough and Cluttered Environments gets accepted to European Conference on Mobile Robotics

Bumping into walls Bumping into humans!  

UT Series Elastic Actuator, Accepted to IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

“Design and Control Considerations for High Performance Series Elastic Actuators”, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, In Press Link to the video Click on the image below for a link to the PDF  

Dreamer Receives a New Arm

Dreamer receives a new 7 Degree of Freedom, Series Elastic Arm manufactured by Meka. A new gripper is being designed to allow dual hand manipulation.