Year: 2014

IHMC Gets Valkyrie to Walk and Perform One Leg Balance. Valkyrie was designed by NASA JSC in collaboration with our lab at UT Austin

The Valkyrie robot at IHMC taking some steps and doing one legged balance routine. The robot is designed and built by NASA JSC in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin. Control algorithms by IHMC. Funding for IHMC and

Towards Attractor Based Dynamic Stepping

In this video we show improvements on phase-space dynamic walking based on using an absolute return frame and the addition of Coriolis/centrifugal effects. The description of the planner can be found on Arxiv Preprint

IHMC NASA JSC X1 Exoskeleton Powered with UT-SEA Ankles

The Human Centered Robotics laboratory at UT Austin has collaborated with IHMC and NASA to integrate the high performance UT-SEA actuator in the X1 Exoskeleton assistive exoskeleton. The high power to weight ratio of the UT-SEA actuator provides a practical

Full-Body Collision Detection and Reaction with Omnidirectional Mobile Platforms: A Step Towards Safe Human-Robot Interaction

Arxiv Preprint. In the video below, we develop estimation and control methods for quickly reacting to collisions between omnidirectional mobile platforms and their environment. To enable the full-body detection of external forces, we use torque sensors located in the robot’s

Hume Biped Robot Performing Balance on Split Terrain and Undirected Walking

Arxiv Preprint. The first experiment, shows the Hume biped robot balancing on a high pitch split terrain with and without push disturbances. We implement a Whole-Body Operational Space Controller to compute joint torques consistent with a desired set of operational

Nick Paine Defends his PhD

Congratulations to Nick Paine for defending and passing his PhD defense. What a wonderful thesis: The UT-SEA, Valkyrie, Darpa Robotics Challenge, …

Luis Sentis Interview on Catalan’s Leading Channel TV3

View on YouTube to see English subtitles

NASA Valkyrie Mechatronic Development – UT Austin Contributions on Design and Embedded Controls

The Valkyrie humanoid robot was built at NASA Johnson Space Center with leadership from Nic Radford and Rob Ambrose. The Human Centered Robotics Lab at UT Austin provided expertise in the design of rotary series elastic actuators and inspiration for

The Legend of the Drunken Robot

This research is sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research. Hume uses its series elastic actuated legs to remain balanced while walking. It achieves this capability by observing the center of mass position error relative to a reference path

First Implementation of Whole-Body Compliant Control with Internal Force Optimization on Hume

This movie shows the first successful implementation of the whole-body compliant controller ( IEEE TRO 2010) on Hume using its series elastic actuators . During the single contact phase, the robot’s hip height and Saggital position, its torso orientation, and

A Closed-Form Solution for Selecting Maximum Critically Damped Actuator Impedance Parameters, in press for the Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control

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Snapshots of Dreamer in the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie with Nicola Peltz and Mark Wahlberg

We filmed in Elgin, Texas with Director Michael Bay and actors Nicola Peltz and Mark Wahlberg. There is no wonder why the movie became a mega hit đŸ˜‰