Former Group Members

Graduated PhDs

Gray Thomas
PhD 2019
Research: Robust control, control synthesis, trajectory generation, exoskeleton control

Jack Hall
PhD 2018
Research: Theory of cognitive emergent systems

Donghyun Kim
PhD 2017
Research: Robust field-capable whole-body control architectures

Kwan Suk Kim
PhD 2017
Research: Safe whole-body human-robot interaction

Kenan Isik
Ph.D. Student 2012-2017
Research: Design and Control of Low Cost SEA Actuators

Ye Zhao
Ph.D. Student 2012-2016
Research: Locomotion Planning and Control

Nicholas Paine
PhD 2010-2014 / Research Scientist 2014-2015
Research: Design of high performance actuators and building humanoid robots

Former Postdocs / Research Scientists

Chien-Liang Fok
Research Fellow 2012-2015
Research Interests: Software design for controlling human-centered robots

Gwen Johnson
Research Fellow 2012-2014
Research Interests: Effects of Runtime Latencies on Whole-Body Controllers for Mobile Robot

MS Graduates

Orion Campbell
MS 2019
Research: Realtime control systems

Rachel Schlossman
MS Student
Current Research: Human-centered robot control



Dorothy Jorgensen
MS Student 2018
Current Research: Exoskeleton design

Travis Llado
MS Student 2018
Research Interests: Design of robots

Joshua James
MS Student 2014-2016
Research Interests: Design of modular robots

Mike Slovich
MS 2012
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Dynamic locomotion in rough terrain


Pius Wong
MS 2012
Mechanical Engineering Department
Research Interests: Design of holonomic mobile bases and new types of wheels

Somudro Gupta
MS 2012
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Design of holonomic mobile bases

Matthew Gonzales
MS 2011
Mechanical Engineering Department
Research Interests: Design of pneumatic-based force-controlled joints

Former Research Engineers


Kunye Chen
Research: Educational robots


Alan Shu-Ming Kwok
Undergrad Student 2013
Mechanical Engineering Department
Research Interests: Design of the Trikey force sensing mobile base


Cory Crean
Research Engineer 2013
Research Interests: Mobile Outdoor Perception


Josh Petersen
Research Engineer 2011
Mechanical Engineering Department
Research Interests: Whole-Body Control of Dreamer over Rough Terrains

Former Visiting Scholars

Miguel Arduengo
Research Scientist 2019
Research: Online perception of articulated bodies for door opening

Seung Kyu Park
Visiting Scholar (Ph.D)
Department of Electrical Engineering
Changwon National University, Korea
Research Interests: Control of humanoid robots using T-S fuzzy modeling


Sehoon Oh
Research Associate Visitor (Ph.D)
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Research Interests: Model Learning and Control of Hybrid Legged Robots
Stay period: May-August 2010


Javier Gamez Garcia
Faculty Visitor (Ph.D)
Electronic and Automation Department
University of Jaen, Spain
Research Focus: Modeling and Control of Compliant Robot Arms/Legs
Stay period: May-August 2010

Former Undergraduate Researchers

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 2.03.44 PM

Bridget Owens
Research: Control of robots with wearable devices


Young (Paul) Lee
Research: Design of a Contact Sensor for Locomotion

Nic Mojica
Research: Design of Safety Devices for Experimentation with Humanoid Robots

Dean Shute
Research: Mechanical Design

Vansi Vallabhaneni
Carnegie Mellon University
Research: Design of Biomimetic Spinning Robot


Janhavi Das
Research: Human-Robot Interaction


Emily Chen
Research: Pressure sensitive devices for biomedical and robotic applications


Frank Lima
University of Texas at Dallas
Research: Autonomous manufacturing


Sammy Mudede
Huston Tillotson University
Research: Design and control of quadrotor systems