New PhD Dissertation on Non-Periodic Dynamic Locomotion


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Ye Zhao Defends his PhD

Congratulations to Ye for successfully defending his PhD! Some of his contributions include formalizing non-periodic locomotion gait planning, using formal methods to maneuver in dynamically changing environments, and studying distributed realtime control architectures.


NSF Grant Awarded

A new NSF grant has been awarded to our lab in collaboration with the Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering Departments to explore human-aware robotic navigation in populated environments.

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IEEE Transactions on Robotics Paper Accepted

Our paper, “Stabilizing Series-Elastic Point-Foot Bipeds using Whole-Body Operational Space Control”, led by student Donghyun Kim, gets accepted in TRO.

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Link to Paper


Awarded Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology Grant

Our proposal titled “Shared Laboratory Initiative” has been awarded by the LIFT Grant. Those funds will support a graduate student and a software engineer for an exciting cloud control and content management system.

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Awarded an ONR DURIP Grant

Our lab receives a DURIP grant to develop and study Next Generation Humanoid Robots.

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Awarded the UT Innovation Center Grant

Our lab receives the UT Innovation Grant for our spin off Apptronik to commercialize high performance actuators and humanoid robots.

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Dr. Sentis Tenure Celebration

What a surprise!!! We celebrated the tenure of Luis, the Lab’s Head, as a family, with a warm celebration and acknowledgement of the effort from every single member of the group. The future awaits and in humanoid robotics and human-centered technologies, we are going to be making some news! Cheers!!

Hot Science Cool Talks

Click on the image below to start the Webcast:

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Dreamer Wishes You Happy Holidays!


Arxiv Preprint of Our Paper on Non-Periodic Dynamic Locomotion.

We are pleased to post the submission of our paper “A Framework for Planning and Controlling Non-Periodic Bipedal Locomotion” for journal publication. The draft paper describing the framework can be found by clicking below:



Presentations during Humanoids 2015 on Stabilizing Point Foot Biped Robots and Data Fusion

PhD student Donghyun Kim and Dr. Sentis present their experimental work on bipedal locomotion and sensing.

Texas Tribune Festival’s Innovation Showcase

very fun day talking to attendants of the Texas Tribune Festival, discussing STEM at UT Austin, and showcasing our research on cloud to hardware funded by NASA and the Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology.

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President Greg Fenves and Dreamer

What an honor to have UT Austin’s president and Dreamer celebrating innovation at this great university.


Longhorn’s Innovation Fund for Technology Cloud-Based Advanced Robotics Laboratory Presentation

The focus of CARL, the Cloud-Based Advanced Robotics Laboratory, is to conduct research with robots using web browsers on mobile devices. For that, we provide a number of visualization and control tools, but most importantly the ability to gather experimental data for research.

Undergraduate Students Control Humanoid Robot and Show hardware Creation

Bridget Owens uses the CARL web framework designed by our laboratory to conduct experiments using humanoid robots. CARL allows not only to control humanoid robots but also collect data for motion analysis. Former undergraduate student Travis Llado has created and advanced research platform. In this case, Rocky is used for studies in rough terrain manipulation and is funded by NASA Johnson Space Center.