Barner, Jamie C., Ph.D.
Abbott Centennial Fellowship in Pharmacy
Professor of Health Outcomes
PHR 3.210D

Barner’s research interests include: 1) examining the impact of pharmacy services (primarily medication therapy management services) on patient outcomes; 2) understanding factors that affect health care utilization and outcomes; and 3) examining the factors associated with medication adherence.

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Brown, Carolyn, Ph.D.
Tanabe Research Laboratories, U.S.A., Inc. Regents Endowed Faculty Fellow
Professor of Health Outcomes
PHR 3.209D
512- 471-2374

Brown’s research interests primarily involve understanding cultural and social elements that may impact both quality of care and therapeutic outcomes of patients with chronic illnesses, particularly ethnic minority patients who experience a disproportionate burden of poor health.

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Lawson, Kenneth A., Ph.D.

Smithkline Centennial Professor in Pharmacy
Professor of Health Outcomes
PHR 3.209C

Lawson’s research activities focus on factors related to the utilization and costs of prescription medications and other health care services. His primary teaching interests include health care systems, community pharmacy management, and contemporary issues in pharmacy in the Pharm.D. program and health care systems, research methods, and data analysis in the graduate program.

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 Moczygemba, Leticia, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Health Outcomes
PHR 3.208G


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Rascati, Karen L., Ph.D.
Stewart Turley/Eckerd Corporation Centennial Endowed Professor of Health Outcomes
PHR 3.209A

Rascati’s research interests include economic and outcomes evaluations for several disease states as well as for pharmacy services.

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Shepherd, Marvin D., Ph.D.
Clifford L. Klinck, Jr. Centennial Professor Emeritus in Pharmacy

Shepherd’s research interests lie in the major areas of the economics of pharmacy services, pharmaceutical marketing, importation of pharmaceuticals, prescription drug diversion, counterfeit medications, managed care pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics.


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