The Week of January 20

Last week we got the upper X rail ready for testing. This involved putting in the motor, encoder, rail and trolley. The test cables for the communication and control of upper X have been hung in place but not connected.

This week Ron Leck is on site to begin testing of the communications to the motors on upper X and if we can get all of the components in place to lower X as well. This will require us to connect the test cables (which do not go through the Az wrap) and thus will largely lock out any structure rotation of the duration of the test. The first motions of the slew motors will be open loop and will allow the mechanical team to see if the X-axis is well aligned. If all goes very smoothly near the end of the week we may get the laser tracker up and running to see the relative distances of the lower and upper trolleys over their range of motion.

While the structure motion is locked out, this will give the electrical team time to rearrange the Az cable wrap and once that is done to install the new cable wrap. This is likely to carry over into the next week as well.

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