The week of Feb 17

Last week week we finished clearing out the optics tables and floor for the MRS decommissioning. We also met with the HZPF team to discuss their preliminary plan for their new enclosure in the spectrograph room. Much of the staff were preoccupied with finishing preparation for the tracker lift. The crane arrived late on Friday afternoon (3 days early).

This week the Crane Services will setup for their work on Monday and will take out the lower and upper X rails that were used for shipping. We are now done with them (since the lower and upper X components are assembled and working on the telescope). On Tuesday the tracker should arrive from Austin in the morning and if the weather cooperates Crane Services will lift it into place. We expect that this will take much of the day. We hope it does not take longer because the winds are predicted to rise on Wednesday and peak at “Destructive Winds” on Thursday. Once the tracker bridge is in place we will begin cabling it and start testing moves over the next weeks.

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