The week of July 7

In the past week the remote thermal area contractors finished the work on the remote concrete pads and the trench between these pads and the vault. This week the contractors will work on the Al tape coating for the roof of the control and services building to reduce the emissivity and avoid the super cooling of the roof. The mechanical contractor will work on the conduit that lead into the building from the vault.

We have had the departure from the opto-mechanical team. We will start the hunt for a new technician as soon as HR approves our new job posting.

This week we will be installing the DMI, tip-tilt camera and VAT on the telescope. In a previous week the VAT and mounts were test fit so we hope that all of the components go on easily. The software team will also be coming out and we expect to turn the VAT towards the sky and have a first track and guide using the TCS software.

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