The week of August 18

This week the mirror team began making piston moves of the individual segments that make up the primary mirror. We began with the central mirror, of which we base most mirrors moves, and then moved to those mirrors which had small enough piston moves to be controlled by SAMS. Next week we will move on to those mirrors whose piston will require us to make moves outside of the capture range of SAMS including those mirrors where the piston moves are out of range of the actuators and thus requires moves of the M30 frame screws. These were not completed this week because the mirror team is also interviewing two candidates for the Opto-mechanical position.

Veliz Construction continues placing the pylons to support the K-Hut exhaust duct and fan. They are working on the pylons over the side of the mountain. ARC Mechanical is busy building the HDPE piping run around the control/service building slab for the WFU glycol system. They also began welding the copper pipe in place in the pipe vault for the Mitsubishi compressors.

We have also begun integrating the structure sub-system into requested trajectory generation and execution. Having some problems with satellite and ephemeris trajectories.

Much of the rest of the team was working on preparations for a move of the instrument air compressor inside the Krabbenhut to make room for the Nitrogen Vaporizor. Other work includes installing Anemometers, purge lines for the new tracker, transient suppression for the tracker electronics and other various activities to keep the place running.

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