Update from January 9 2017

We have finished another dark period from the first trimester back observing with the HET. Recall that we are only observing during the two weeks around the new moon. Thus, we finished up last week with our targets that can be observed with some moon. We have completed 63.4 hours of charged time with typical setup times of 10 minutes for LRS2 targets. Some programs, particularly those from our smaller partners, have been completed finished while a few of the larger programs have only had a small dent made in their total Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC) allocations.

There are a few fields that seem to be very popular. The Shelia and Cosmos fields are among the most heavily over-subscribed. We will not be able to complete the requested visits to the Shelia fields but if the weather permits and the engineering efforts during the 1st quarter are not to heavy we might try to sneak in a few more targets.

We are developing a hole at the start of the night after the Shelia field sets and will likely have to deal with that in the next few weeks unless some new targets arrive.

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