Monthly Archives: March 2018

Week of March 5th

Congratulations to Resident Astronomer John Caldwell on his retirement! It is bittersweet to see Anneke and you leave, but we know you are heading on a new and exciting adventure. Thank you for your many years of dedicated service. Safe travels and keep us posted!

HET Staff Picture taken Feb. 8th, 2018

The week of February 26, 2018

This week we continued with HPF and Laser Frequency Comb (LFC) commissioning. We made a lot forward progress in getting spectra with the comb and had our official “first light”. Below are a few pictures that might help visualize some of what transpired.

A slide that shows the basement of the HET where the HPF and LFC live.

A part of the spectrum from HPF which shows the very regular picket fense of emission lines generated from the LFC just below a stellar spectrum. The spectra are stacked up in an echellogram.

A very happy HPF team, NIST team and HET Night Operations team celebrate first spectrum on the sky. It took a large number of people to get this entire effort going but here are the lucky ones to see it live!