Monthly Archives: July 2020

Welcoming our newest Resident Astronomer, and a new HPF publication

This week we’re welcoming our newest Resident Astronomer to the HET staff. Dr. Syed Uddin comes to us from a postdoc position at the Carnegie Observatories. He has studied and worked in Bangladesh, Sweden, Australia, China, and the USA, and is a valuable addition to the team. He will be working remotely for the time being, given the current situation with COVID-19 in Texas. All of the Resident Astronomers have been working remotely since March, so we are well-adjusted to this mode now.


Also of note this week is a new HPF paper accepted for publication:

HPF discovers a warm super Neptune – TOI-1728b

TOI-1728b: The Habitable-zone Planet Finder confirms a warm super Neptune orbiting an M dwarf host

This result was obtained using time from both UT and PSU programs, and is the latest in a recent deluge of recent publications. Congrats to Shubham and the whole HPF team!