How to Use this blog

This blog is intended to disseminate information about the HET and allow the HET users to share information and questions across institutions. Due to the limitations of the UT word press rules only people with UTEID are allowed to start new threads/posts but anyone is allowed to submit comments (through the moderator).

If you do not have a UTEID you have two choices:
1) Request a UTEID here
2) Limit yourself to commenting on other peoples posts.

If you do have a UTEID and would like to be a contributing author to this blog login to the word press site using your UTEID and password.

How to comment on a current thread/post

Look for the “reply” or “comment” link next to a posting. This will take you to a page that will allow you to type in your comment. You will be required to either login to the site with your UTEID or give a user name and e-mail address. Once you are done entering your comment be sure to hit the “Post Comment” button at the bottom of the page. It will not appear right away because all comments are moderated.

How to get permission to start a new post/thread

To be allowed to start new posts or threads you have to be given author rights by the moderator. Reply to this post with a request to be an author including your UTEID. The moderator will then (eventually) give you authorship rights and delete the requesting post. Check back after a day or so to see if this has happened.

How to Start a new Thread or Post

Once you have been granted author status you can start a new posting by hitting the “+ New” button near the top of the page. This will generate a pull-down menu and you should select “Post”. Select the “Catagories” that are relevant for your posting on the lower right side (This is important, your post will appear under each category that you select). You can select more than one. For example you could select both HRS, VIRUS and HETDEX if your posting was about parallel observing. Next give a short descriptive title at the top and start typing the body of your text below. When you done hit the Publish button on the right hand side.

2 thoughts on “How to Use this blog

    1. shetrone Post author

      You are welcome to comment on any postings and if they are appropriate for the site they will be approved.

      If you with to become a regular poster you will need that UTEID and be approved. It is not clear why someone outside the HET community would be a regular poster but we are willing to entertain the idea. See:


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