Get excited for Fall 2019!

Hello HNSA and welcome to a brand new year and Fall semester! We are so excited to start off a new year of learning and opportunities. HNSA has many volunteer and social opportunities planned for this semester! Our meetings will take place at 6 PM on:

  • September 5th (Thur.) at NUR 1.116
  • September 18th (Wed.) at NUR 1.112
  • October 3rd (Thur.) NUR 1.116
  • October 16th (Wed.) NUR 1.112
  • October 30th (Wed.) NUR 1.112
  • November 14th (Thur.) NUR 1.116
  • December 5th (Thur.) NUR 1.112

Please take note that the room number and meeting day do vary. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and we look forward to seeing you at the meetings! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

P.S. Tacos will be provided at meeting!