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Welcome HNSA to Spring 2020!

Hello current and future HNSA members! With a new semester, comes new meeting dates! As always, we are thrilled to welcome any new members to HNSA and for you to see what we have planned for this upcoming semester. There

Get excited for Fall 2019!

Hello HNSA and welcome to a brand new year and Fall semester! We are so excited to start off a new year of learning and opportunities. HNSA has many volunteer and social opportunities planned for this semester! Our meetings will

Welcome to Spring 2019!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Spring 2019 semester at the School of Nursing! Membership with HNSA is semesterly, so please be sure to stop by and check out what HNSA is all about during one of our meetings, every

Welcome to Fall 2018!

Hello fellow Nursing students! Welcome to another semester at the UT School of Nursing! We are super excited for another semester of HNSA and everything it has planned in the upcoming months. Make sure to join our Facebook page to

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