Work Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Insurance (WCI)

Workers’ Compensation Presentation

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) Presentation

Employees who sustain a work-related injury must inform their supervisor immediately.

For serious or life-threatening injuries call 911 or UTPD and immediately contact Human Resources Support Services at 512-471-5466.

For minor injuries contact HealthPoint Occupational Health Program (OHP), the on-site campus clinic, at 512-471-4647 for information or to schedule an appointment.

Employee must seek medical treatment from a participating WCI network provider through the IMO Med-Select Network.  They may contact IMO Med-Select Network at 1-888-466-6381 or Human Resources Support Services for information.

Employee should never present his or her personal insurance card if being treated for a work-related injury.

Please see the Transportation for Injured or Ill Employees document for transportation guidelines.

All work injuries or illnesses should be reported by completing the following forms and submit to Human Resources Support Services for processing:

Supervisor must inform and provide the employee with the following:

Immediately report absences due to the injury to Human Resources Support Services.

Employee must provide the supervisor with a WCI work status release from the treating doctor before he or she is allowed to return to work. Supervisor will review the work restrictions to determine the employee’s return to work.

If work restrictions are indicated on the WCI work status release, contact Human Resources Support Services to coordinate the employee’s return to work.

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