Mission and Vision


IDVSA’s research focuses on national and local concerns regarding assistance to survivors of interpersonal violence and their interactions with agencies designed to serve them, attitudes and practices of perpetrators that lead to violence, and new approaches to solving those problems. IDVSA’s research examines the intersection of issues of poverty, race, ethnicity, and gender and how these impact the experience of violence.

IDVSA has raised more than $9.5 million and conducted several dozen empirically-based research projects that add to the knowledge about the impact of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and human trafficking on the lives of women and their children and increase our understanding about what causes perpetrators to commit acts of interpersonal violence. In addition, IDVSA provided $40,000 in “Seed Grants” to eight researchers.


IDVSA’s robust portfolio of educational products are designed for faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners and allied professionals, such as social workers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and civil attorneys, victim service providers, physicians and nurses working with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

IDVSA co-sponsored seven national and state conferences and its principal investigators have written more than three dozen publications and conducted hundreds of presentations at state, national and international levels. All told, through its “research-to-practice” focus, thousands of students, professionals and laypeople are reached nationwide each year.

The Expert Witness Program and Research Fellows Program are two examples of educational  initiatives managed by IDVSA.


IDVSA has more than 150 affiliates that include researchers, practitioners, law enforcement, prosecutors, city, county and state representatives, and faith-based and community organizations. IDVSA is an active member of nearly a dozen coalitions and task forces, focused on developing interventions and prevention strategies to end interpersonal violence.


Through IDVSA’s work, thousands of practitioners and students have received research-based education and thousands of victims and survivors of interpersonal violence have received better services from them as a result of this research-to-practice collaboration.