iForty Constitution




1.01     Name: The organization shall be named iForty; hereafter referred to as the “Network”.



2 .01    Purposes:  The purposes of the Network are:

A. Support and promote innovative administrative professionals on the University of Texas at Austin campus who demonstrate the power of the individual in providing daily support to the mission of the University and the Forty Acres.

B. Provide an organized means of verbal and written communication among the Network members and throughout the University of Texas at Austin, hereinafter referred to as the “University”, and related organizations.

C.  Foster better relationships and understanding among members and within the University, related organizations, and the community.

D.  Initiate ideas and promote concepts which will contribute to enhanced service and support.

2.02     Address:  The Network shall be based at the University of Texas at Austin.  The mailing address is P. 0. Box 7580, Mail Code H7055, Austin, Texas 77813-7580.



3.01     Government:  The Network shall be governed by this Constitution.

3.02     Amendments: An amendment to the Constitution can be proposed in writing by any active member and submitted to the By-laws Committee for presentation to the Executive Committee for review. There must be a quorum vote of the Executive Committee to pass or decline the amendment (see 5.08).



4.01     Members:  Any employee who provides administrative support on The University of Texas at Austin campus may become a member of the Network upon payment of annual dues.  There shall be no discrimination for reason of religion, age, race or color, marital status, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

4.02     Active Member:  A person who is eligible to be a member of the Network, as defined above, shall be designated an “active member” during the year within which such person has paid dues.  Active membership entitles a member to vote, attend meetings and programs, serve on committees and hold office.

4.03     Interim Member:  A person who is eligible to be a member of the Network, as defined above, shall be designated an “interim member” during the year within which such  person has joined the Network within 60 days of annual membership renewal. Interim members are not required to pay dues for the balance of the membership year, are entitled to vote as a member, attend meetings and programs, serve on committees, and hold office.

4.04   Honorary Member:  Honorary membership may be granted to non-members if nominated and recommended by five (5) active members and approved by the Executive Board.  Honorary members are not required to pay dues, may not vote or hold office but can attend meetings.

4.05   Retirement: Upon retirement from the University and related agencies, active members are entitled to honorary status by personal request to the Executive Board pending its approval.

4.06   Inactive Membership:  The Executive Board may grant inactive membership status to a member for a specified period of time upon written request  by that member. An inactive member is not required to pay dues and may not vote or hold office during the period of inactivity.



5.01     Any University of Texas at Austin support staff employee, with a permanent fulltime appointment, who has been an active member of the Network for at least six months, may be considered for an elected office.

5.02     President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Network and perform all duties pertaining to that office. The President shall serve as chair of the Executive Board, select committee chairs as needed with the approval of the Executive Board, be an ex-officio member of all committees, review and approve all communications prior to distribution, review the financial statements and bank statements, and schedule a transition meeting with the President-Elect.

5.03     President-Elect: The President-Elect shall serve a three-year term, the first year as an apprentice to the President in preparation for her/his term of office as President the succeeding  year, the second year as President of the Network, and the third year as Immediate Past-President.  The President-Elect shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.  The President-Elect shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, may be selected to serve on additional committees for special functions throughout the year, oversee the Nominating Committee.

5.04     Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the Network including minutes  of the Executive Board meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for checking the Network mailbox and respond to all correspondence of the Network with the approval of the President.  The Secretary shall assume the duties of the Historian when the Historian position is vacant.

5.05     Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall receive and disburse in a timely manner all funds, or those which may be necessary, at the direction of the President. However, monies for expenses and for purchases over $100.00 must first be approved by a majority of the Executive Board.

The Treasurer shall sign all disbursements of monies. In the absence of the Treasurer, the President, President-Elect, or the immediate Past President may make necessary disbursements of monies. The financial records shall be kept in a secured file and open for audit as requested by the President and/or Executive Board. The financial statement and bank statement should be verified at the beginning of each membership year and every six (6) months thereafter by the Treasurer and President-Elect.

5.06     Historian:  The Historian shall obtain an original of all official Network minutes and maintain an account of activities during the year. The records shall be published to the Network during the last month of the Network year. The records must be maintained in an orderly manner with all pertinent information contained therein, including newspaper articles and special programs.

5.07     Immediate Past President:  The Immediate Past President shall serve as an exofficio member of the Executive  Board for one year, oversee and advise the Conference committee, act as an advisor  and mentor to the President, and provide support  and continuity to the Executive Board and assist with other projects as requested.  The Immediate Past President shall assume the duties of Constitution and By-laws Liaison and be responsible for updating the by-laws as needed.



6.01     Composition: There shall be an Executive Board composed of all elected officers and all appointed committee chairs.

6.02     Meetings:  The Executive Board shall meet once a month in person or electronically one week before a regular monthly meeting.  Proposals for action by the Executive Board shall be distributed to the President one week prior to the Executive Board meeting for inclusion on the agenda.

6.03     Election:  The Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the active members who cast ballots. The Executive Board shall distribute ballots in June of the Network year; the election of officers will be conducted in July; new officers for the upcoming Network year will be announced in August; current and new officers will transition their offices and duties in August and September; new officers will officially assume their office on October 1 of the new Network year.

6.04     Tenure:  Officers shall serve a term of one (1) year, with the exception of the President – Elect, who will serve three (3) consecutive years (5.03). No other officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in her/his particular office (9.01).

6.05     Duties:  The Executive Board shall be responsible for reporting to the Network, by written or electronic report, any discussions made at its meeting.

6.06     Resignation:  Each Officer, upon retiring from office, or upon termination from the University or related organizations must vacate her/his Network office.  She/he shall deliver within thirty (30) days to her/his successor all monies, accounts, record books, papers and/or other property belonging to the Association. If an officer is unable to complete the duties of the elected office, she/he should send their resignation to the President. The Network is a support organization and will support the officer in her/his decision to resign.

Vacancies which occur on the Executive Board as a result of resignation from office shall be filled by appointment and concurrence of the majority of the remaining members of the Executive Board to serve the unexpired term of the office.

6.07     Removal From Office:  Upon recommendation by a majority of the Executive Board and approved by ballot vote of a three fourths (3/4) majority of the active voting membership, any officer of the Network, elected or appointed, may be removed from office for just cause (not fulfilling the duties of the elected office as stated previously or for some type of criminal act).  Vacancies, which occur on the Executive Board as a result of removal from office, shall be filled by appointment and concurrence of the majority of the remaining members of the Executive Board to serve the unexpired term of the office.

6.08     Voting of the Executive Board:  Each officer and committee chairperson shall have one vote and shall exercise their vote at Executive Board meetings.  Committees which have more than one committee chairperson will only be allowed one vote.  A quorum shall exist of at least three officers and two committee chairpersons.



7.01 The Nominating Committee will consist of the Executive Board.



8.01 Meetings:  The Association shall have regularly scheduled meetings each month, excluding months when special events are held.  These meetings are held on the day of the month as approved by the majority of members present and voting.

A.        The President (with the consent of the Executive Board) or the Executive Board may change the date of a regular meeting or call a special meeting. Members shall be notified of the changed meeting date in advance as early as possible (one week preferable).

B.        At the discretion of the President, non-members attending a meeting may be excused before the transaction of any Network business.



9.01     Dues:  Dues shall be determined by the Executive Board. Such dues shall be paid annually at the beginning of the membership renewal year for the following year.  New members who join the Association within three (3) months before the end of the year will not be charged dues but can renew their membership by paying dues for the next membership year.

9.02     Additional Fees:  Special events or programs may require additional fees.



10.01   The calendar year of the Association shall be from October l through September 30.



11.01    iForty, a network of Administrative Professionals at The University of Texas at Austin (referred to as the “Network”), subscribes to the concept of equal opportunity and affirmative action.  Membership is accepted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national origin, or political affiliation.  Our objective is to ensure all members an equal opportunity to develop professionally and enhance leadership skills within the Network.  We believe this is the most positive way to attract and retain good members.

11.02    The iForty network was founded to build an organization for administrative and support staff at The University of Texas at Austin – staff who demonstrate the power of the individual by performing ongoing, high quality work in support of the mission of the University.



12 .01   Parliamentary procedure shall be set by the President to conduct the meeting in an orderly, professional and expeditious manner following Robert’s Rules of Order.