Call for Papers

Colonization, Dissident bodies, and Collective rights:

An Intersectional Reexamination of Latin American Studies

40th Annual ILASSA Conference: University of Texas, Austin

February 27th-28th, 2020

Submission Deadline: November 25, 2019

An intersectional re-examination of Latin American studies is necessary to observe how it has developed over time in the current context of the region. Therefore, it is crucial to address central questions such as: who has contributed to the construction of Latin American studies? What has been their political position within and outside academia? How have they contributed to social struggles and the decolonization of academia? Or on the contrary, to what extent do Latin American studies continue to reproduce a colonial perspective? On this 40th anniversary of ILASSA (Institute of Latin American Studies Student Association), we propose to reflect on these questions, individually and collectively, on how our bodies’ influence the production of knowledge(s), which contribute to projects and/or efforts that transcend the borders of academia.

The topics to be considered for this conference can include alternative forms of research methodologies practiced to produce knowledge. Preferably the following topics are welcome:

Activist Research / Participatory Action Research

State and Social Research: The involvement of Academiain Public Policy

Diversity: Afro / Indigenous / Creole/Garifuna/Mestizx/Latinx

Biodiversity and Environmental Studies

Civil Society and Social Movements

Gender: non-binary/binary

Human rights

Forced Mobility

Alternative Forms of Knowledge Production

Young People (Youth) in Latin America


Resistance and Resilience

Collective Memory and Oral History



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We will respond with a decision no later than December 14th, 2019. If your proposal is accepted and you plan to end the conference, please note that there is a $ 25 registration fee (USD) for the conference. For more information, visit our Facebook page: “Ilassa Student Conference 40th”, our Instagram: “ilassa40” or contact us at: