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Thank you for exploring our preliminary work on this IMLS funded project, “At the Edges of the National Digital Platform”. This blog compiles a series of qualitative snapshots that highlight successful hotspot lending programs in some of the many locations we have visited.  Each snapshot features a different library’s hotspot program and includes details about the lending program that we feel are unique examples of successful strategies these libraries employ. Further, we have shared a detailed ‘how to’ guide and program summary on separate pages. We look forward to sharing other forthcoming information. This spring, our team will conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews with patrons in rural locations. Visit back as we report new findings from our ongoing work.

US Cellular MiFi Device used by the Maine State Grant program.
US Cellular MiFi Device used by the Maine State Grant program.

Due to the fact that this study is still in progress, these posts are for your personal reading and we thank you in advance for not using these posts for publication. Please contact the research team if you are interested in more information about the project.


Sharon, Colin, and Brian

MiFi Lending Program Snapshots and Deliverable Materials