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Course Management Services

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As you may already know, Alex Reshanov has joined our team in Course Management Services.  Some of our department assignments have changed a bit and I’d like to update you on our course scheduling contact information.  These are the current department assignments.
Victor Martinez 
Department of French and Italian
Fields Of Study: FR, F C, ITL, ITC
Department of Asian Studies
Temporary assignment while Sona Shah is on maternity leave
Center for Asian American Studies
Fields Of Study: AAS
Alex Reshanov 
Department of Germanic Studies
Fields Of Study: DAN, DCH, GER, GSD, NOR, SWE, YID
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Fields Of Study: CZ, POL, RUS, S C, SLA, SEL
Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
Fields Of Study: REE
Center for European Studies
Fields Of Study: EUS

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Fall 14 Calendar

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Important Dates and Deadlines* for Fall 2014


  • 7–FaSET reopens for EoS snapshot
  • 8–s and w survey period beings
  • 8–Deadline: Spring 2015 Chair’s Proof
  • 13—CLUE, 9-10a, GEB 4.214
  • 15–Deadline: s and w survey period
  • 18–Deadline: Summer 2014 FaSET EoS snapshot
  • 18–Deadline: Spring 2015 Flag proposals
  • 25—FaSET Opens for Fall 2014 updates
  • 27—First Class Day
  • 27—Deadline: Small Class Petitions due by 10am
  • 28—Deadline: Small Class Petitions due by 10am (for new small classes not previously petitioned)
  • 29—Deadline: Small Class Petitions due by 10am (for new small classes not previously petitioned)


  • 2—4th Class Day
  • 2—Deadline: Small Class Petitions due by 10am (for new small classes not previously petitioned)
  • 2—Registration Waitlist system closes at 4pm
  • 2—2015-16 Course Inventory Management System (CourseLeaf) Opens
  • 3—Deadline: Small Class Petitions due by 10am (for new small classes not previously petitioned)
  • 3—Deadline: HB 2504 compliance
  • 10—Event: CLUE Meeting, 9-10am, GEB 4.214, Topic: Cross-listing Etiquette
  • 12—12th Class Day
  • 15—Final Exam Request system opens
  • 15, week of—Spring 2015 Advance Copy available
  • 16—Event: SOS-Final Exam Requests, FaSET, and Course Inventory Updates
  • 22—Deadline: FaSET closes
  • 22, week of—Spring 2015 CSU Opens
  • 25—Event: SOS-Spring 15 CSU, Prerequisite Check, Waitlists, and Priorities/Restrictions
  • 26—Deadline: Final Exam Request system


  • 3—Deadline: 2015-16 Signature Course Proposals
  • 6, 4pm—Deadline: Spring 2015 Flag Corrections to
  • 13—Deadline: Course Inventory Management Updates must be approved by Chair
  • 15—Event: CLUE Meeting, 9-10, GEB 4.214, Topic: Organizing scheduling information
  • 15—Spring 2015 Course Schedule published
  • 16—Spring 2015 Departmental Course Descriptions published
  • 20—Summer 2015 Original opens
  • 20—Fall 2014 CIS Request System opens
  • 22—Deadline: Prerequisite Check Status Updates
  • 27—Spring 2015 registration begins
  • 31—Deadline: Summer 2015 Original
  • 31—Deadline: Fall 2014 CIS Requests


  • 3—FaSET End of Semester (EoS) opens
  • 6—Fall 2015 Original opens
  • 7—Spring 2015 registration ends
  • 12—Event: CLUE Meeting, 9-10, GEB 4.214, Topic: Filemaker Pro
  • 10—Fall 2014 paper CIS packets available for pick-up from GSB 2.100
  • 21—Deadline: Fall 2014 paper CIS packet pick-up
  • 24—Fall 2014 CIS administration period begins


  • 2—Deadline: Fall 2015 Course Schedule Original
  • 5—Last Class Day
  • 5—Deadline: Last day to administer Fall 2014 CIS
  • 5—Deadline: FaSET EoS Closes
  • 8—Deadline: FaSET EoS finalization
  • 9—Deadline: Summer & Fall 2015 course descriptions, non-standard time requests, and restricted cross-listing requests
  • 10—Deadline, 10am: Individual Instruction Grade Reporting
  • 16—Deadline: Summer & Fall 2015 flag proposals
  • 17—Deadline: Delivery of  completed Fall 2014 CIS’s to GSB 2.100

*Dates subject to change; Dates and Deadlines in italics have not been announced/finalized

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New Strategies

July 7th, 2014 by Lisa in General Info · 3 Comments

Every summer, I take the time to evaluate some of my work practices, procedures, and strategies. This summer (and, actually, part of the spring) I’ve focused that evaluation on our college meetings, training sessions, and social gatherings. I broached the subject of changing the structure of the Course Schedulers Meetings at our April meeting and at the retreat, introduced the lunch walks, and coordinated a few “hands-on” inventory computer lab sessions. I would like to take this opportunity to flesh out some of my ideas and approaches to the upcoming academic year in order to gain some feedback.

The first “project” to take shape was the lunch walk and/or field trip to University museums or collections two times a week. These activities fell under the broad umbrella of intellectual and physical wellness touted by many entities both on- and off-campus as ways to cope successfully with the stresses of April/May, one of our busiest work periods. In my opinion, they were a success. We, Victor and I, almost always had at least one other scheduler join us and for a couple of the walks we had as many as four. With the hot temperatures of summer upon us, we decided to take a break but they will return in the fall. In addition to return visits to favorites, such as the Blanton, the HRC, and the Visual Arts Center, we also plan to visit the Football Trophy Room and the Courtyard Gallery.

The next change was to begin organizing hand-on lab sessions. We held two such sessions for the spring inventory update period that were quite fun in addition to being productive. We hope to coordinate a few more for Spring 2015 Chair’s Proof but finding available computer labs in central locations has proven difficult. If you have an available departmental computer lab, even a small one (fewer than 10 stations), please me know if I can schedule it for this purpose. And, yes, I checked GPCs, LAITS, and ITS computer lab availability. Who know July and August were busy periods for these types of rooms?

Another idea to take shape was to change the structure of the Course Schedulers Meetings (CSMs) to something much more task-oriented than informational and social. Similar to the hands-on lab sessions, these monthly gatherings would be centered on a specific topic or training experience. Many of you expressed interest in these types of activities and I agree they may be of greater benefit than the traditional CSMs. These would be held at least once a month and would still have an informational and social component. Examples of the technology or organizational systems that we could have sessions on include: using Qualtrics to set up surveys to gather information from faculty members; using Google© forms to set up a web-based room reservation request form for departmental classrooms; and creating a Filemaker Pro© database or “enhanced” Excel© spreadsheet to keep track of scheduling information.

So, what do you think of the additions we’ve made and the changes we are proposing?


Summer 2014 Calendar

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Important Dates and Deadlines* for Summer 2014:


  • 5–First Class Day (f, n, and w sessions)
  • 5–Deadline: Small Class Petitions (f, n, and w sessions)
  • 5–Deadline: HB 2504 (f, n, and w sessions)-departmental level
  • 6-Deadline: Small Class Petitions (f, n, and w sessions) for classes that fall below minimum after 1st class day
  • 10–Fourth Class Day (f, n, w sessions)
  • 11–Final Exam Reporting system Opens (f, n, and w sessions)
  • 12–Deadline: HB 2504 (f, n, and w sessions)-public site
  • 17–Deadline: Final Exam Reporting (f, n, and w sessions)
  • 23–CIS Request system Opens
  • 27–Deadline: First (f) session CIS requests


  • 3–CIS f survey period begins
  • 4–Staff holiday
  • 9–Deadline: CIS first session surveys
  • 10–Last Class Day (f session)
  • 14–First Class Day (s session)
  • 14–Deadline: Small Class Petitions (s session)
  • 15–Deadline: Small Class Petitions (s session) for classes that fall below minimum after 1st class day
  • 17–Fourth class day (s session)
  • 17–Deadline: CIS Nine week (n) session requests
  • 18–Final Exam Reporting system Opens (s session)
  • 21Deadline: HB 2504 (s session)
  • 21–Scheduling: Spring 2015 Chair’s Proof Opens
  • 23–CIS n session survey period begins
  • 24–Deadline: Final Exam Reporting (s session)
  • 24–Deadline: FaSET closes
  • 30–Deadline: CIS n session survey period


  • 4–Deadline: Second and Whole session CIS survey requests
  • 7–FaSET reopens for EoS snapshot
  • 8–S and W survey period beings
  • 8–Deadline: Spring 2015 Chair’s Proof
  • 15–Deadline: S and W survey period
  • 18–Deadline: FaSET EoS snapshot
  • 27–First class day
  • 27–Deadline: Small Class Petitions

*Dates are subject to change and updates are made periodically.

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My Dream Schedule

May 13th, 2014 by spm856 in Student Posts · 4 Comments

My Dream Schedule

By: Student Worker #1 (and Supervisor #1)

In my last blog I told readers how I was able to register for the course of my dreams: The Rhetoric of Superheroes.  This will be the first time I will take a class just for fun (because he’s a freakazoid with two majors, possibly three, that do not allow for a lot of electives.)  I think all students, if they have room in their schedule, should take a class just for fun.  All classes at UT have academic merit so if a class is interesting to you then it will always be worth your time. Students (and employees with tuition benefits) should make a list of classes that they would like to take one day and strive to take a least a few of them before they graduate.

Here is my list of Dream Classes:

Of course there is the RHE 309K: The Rhetoric of Superheroes (Um, yay?!?).

In my previous blog I discussed how great of a class this is for me.

PED 107D: Beginning Golf

If you want to go far in life, you have to be able to play a little golf. (He’s such a nice young man, really.)

E 321P Shakespeare Through Performance

You get graded to act out scenes from Shakespeare plays. Probably not everyone’s ideal class, but definitely something I would be interested in taking. Honestly, the best way to understand Shakespeare is by performing Shakespeare. (Whatever!)

HIS 343L: History of Russia since 1917

In my personal opinion this is some of the most interesting parts of history in just one class. This class is very appealing to me especially after taking three years of Russian language. (Look at me! Look at me! I speak Russian.)

UGS 303: What Makes the World Intelligible?

How could you not take a class taught by THE Bill Powers (UT President Extraordinaire)? Could you imagine a letter of rec from that guy? Plus I am sure if Bill Powers takes time out of his busy schedule to teach a UGS class it must be incredibly interesting. (Future Namedropper Course)

UGS 303: Sleep, Do We Get Enough of It?

And the answer to that question:


(That gif is sooooo cute!) Well, its about time! Where do I sign up? I am told that this UGS course was fairly easy and students got out of class early pretty regularly, probably to take naps.  I will have you know that I am a pro at taking naps so I will surely ace this class. (This is true.)

And finally where would my college career be without a little:

EDP 363: Human Sexuality

This has been a “must take” class for years here at UT. Whenever asked “what elective should I take next semester?” the answer will almost always be Human Sexuality. I highly doubt this class is anything like Coach Carr’s Sex Ed class depicted in the movie Mean Girls so you should not feel extremely uncomfortable while taking this class. (No comment.)

These are my top classes to take here at UT. Comment with your dream class.