The Perfect Class

One Man’s Search for the Perfect Class

By: Student Worker #1

Everyone has a guilty pleasure most people have several.  I am no exception.  I must confess that my guilty pleasure is superheroes and comics. Yes, I know this can come as a shock to some readers because I am sure you have always pictured Student Worker #1 as the strong and handsome one.  For that I thank you, but I cannot deny that I can be a pretty big superhero nerd.  Why am I telling you this? The reason is because a few weeks ago at the office discovered something incredible: UT is offering the “Rhetoric of Superheroes”.

Throughout my college career I have been searching and waiting for this class to be offered.  It all started freshmen year at orientation during one of the many cheesy skits the incoming freshmen were required to watch.  Through their corny jokes and their forgotten lines one of the OAs mentioned that he registered for a class called “Rhetoric of Harry Potter”.  The thought of a class like this blew my mind and I wondered if UT could ever offer the “Rhetoric of Superheroes” as well.  But there was nothing.  Not only that, due to my double major I had little flexibility to take extra classes.  Things were looking grim.  When I started working here in the fall I wrote my first course spotlight on the “Rhetoric of South Park” and discovered that there are several rhetoric topics, but none of them were about Superheroes.  I figured that the Rhetoric of Superheroes was a lost cause and I should just move on. However, one day changed everything.

I was checking through the inventory of new topics courses for Fall 2014 and my jaw dropped.  There amongst many other new topics sat the class I have dreamt about since freshmen year…”The Rhetoric of Superheroes”.  I quickly turned to Lisa with huge enthusiasm and yelled, “Could this be true?” pointing at the screen.  Lisa looked at the screen unfazed and said “I don’t know.  If it says it’s on there then it’s on there.” I was a little shocked Lisa did not tell me right away that this course was offered since her and student worker #2 (who’s secret identity is one of my best friends) are well aware of my guilty pleasure for superheroes.   Sure enough, I checked the course description and the class was everything I hoped I hoped it would be.

The class fit perfectly with my schedule in the fall and as a senior this was the perfect time for me to take a class just for fun.  To be completely honest if I did not work here I would have not found “Rhetoric of Superheroes” in the course schedule.  Moreover, if I did not write blogs about interesting course titles I would not have stumbled upon these unique rhetoric and writing courses.  Not only will this class be fun, but the “Rhetoric of South Park” blog has shown that this class will also be beneficial for my academic career by improving my critical thinking and writing skills.

Although this story seems a little silly, I believe it shows how working here has changed my perspective on campus life here at UT.  This story also shows that working here has its perks and can help you achieve your academic goals even if it’s a geeky goal.

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