My Dream Schedule

My Dream Schedule

By: Student Worker #1 (and Supervisor #1)

In my last blog I told readers how I was able to register for the course of my dreams: The Rhetoric of Superheroes.  This will be the first time I will take a class just for fun (because he’s a freakazoid with two majors, possibly three, that do not allow for a lot of electives.)  I think all students, if they have room in their schedule, should take a class just for fun.  All classes at UT have academic merit so if a class is interesting to you then it will always be worth your time. Students (and employees with tuition benefits) should make a list of classes that they would like to take one day and strive to take a least a few of them before they graduate.

Here is my list of Dream Classes:

Of course there is the RHE 309K: The Rhetoric of Superheroes (Um, yay?!?).

In my previous blog I discussed how great of a class this is for me.

PED 107D: Beginning Golf

If you want to go far in life, you have to be able to play a little golf. (He’s such a nice young man, really.)

E 321P Shakespeare Through Performance

You get graded to act out scenes from Shakespeare plays. Probably not everyone’s ideal class, but definitely something I would be interested in taking. Honestly, the best way to understand Shakespeare is by performing Shakespeare. (Whatever!)

HIS 343L: History of Russia since 1917

In my personal opinion this is some of the most interesting parts of history in just one class. This class is very appealing to me especially after taking three years of Russian language. (Look at me! Look at me! I speak Russian.)

UGS 303: What Makes the World Intelligible?

How could you not take a class taught by THE Bill Powers (UT President Extraordinaire)? Could you imagine a letter of rec from that guy? Plus I am sure if Bill Powers takes time out of his busy schedule to teach a UGS class it must be incredibly interesting. (Future Namedropper Course)

UGS 303: Sleep, Do We Get Enough of It?

And the answer to that question:


(That gif is sooooo cute!) Well, its about time! Where do I sign up? I am told that this UGS course was fairly easy and students got out of class early pretty regularly, probably to take naps.  I will have you know that I am a pro at taking naps so I will surely ace this class. (This is true.)

And finally where would my college career be without a little:

EDP 363: Human Sexuality

This has been a “must take” class for years here at UT. Whenever asked “what elective should I take next semester?” the answer will almost always be Human Sexuality. I highly doubt this class is anything like Coach Carr’s Sex Ed class depicted in the movie Mean Girls so you should not feel extremely uncomfortable while taking this class. (No comment.)

These are my top classes to take here at UT. Comment with your dream class.

4 thoughts on “My Dream Schedule

  1. I would maybe take three of the courses on your list but everyone has their own taste right?

    Here is what my list would look like. Granted, some of these courses are from my times and may not exist anymore at UT.

    This is one of my favorite classes at UT. You learn to play the accordion or the bajo sexto (12 stringed guitar) in one semester.

    2. SPN 350 Mexican and Mexican-American Ballads
    Very interesting course on Corridos (Ballads). This class was very popular with the SPN majors especially when the drug wars in Mexico began to make national news. Many narco corridos were written during this time and made it an interesting topic to discuss in class.

    3. LIN 312 Ling of Tolkien’s Middle Earth
    The nerd in me would have taken this course back when it was offered.

    4. PED 105M Beginning Fencing
    Because everyone should take at least one PED course right?

    5. PED 102G Basic Scuba Diving
    It’s scuba diving!

  2. When I was a student here I actually took a lot of the “cool” classes, History of Rock Music, Human Sexuality, and Age of Dinosaurs. Since working in my current position means I see a lot of course titles and descriptions, I have come across many classes that I would have liked to take. My schedule would be comprised of classes from the past and present:
    1. LIN 312 “Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond” (I’m almost as big a nerd as Student Worker #1).
    Description blurb: Why would anyone want to learn Klingon? Who really speaks Esperanto, anyway? Using constructed & invented languages as a vehicle, we will try to answer these questions as we discuss current ideas about linguistic theory, especially ideas surrounding the interaction of language and society.
    2. E 314L “Banned Books and Novel Ideas”
    Blurb: By considering a range of controversial texts that depict, discuss, and/or critique education itself, students in this course will examine the contentious historical and cultural connections between literature and education, paying particular attention to the social and cultural values forwarded and challenged by the course texts.
    3. R S 353 “Beyond the New Testament”
    Blurb: There are three broad goals for this course: to increase familiarity with the content of a range of early Christian texts not found in the Bible; to explore the historical and cultural contexts of the groups that composed these texts and passed them on; and to learn to use systematic methods of textual interpretation.

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