Hello, I’m June!

Four Facts About Me

1: I'm a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Texas at Austin (advised by Dr. Zoltan Nagy)
2: I'm interested in smart technologies for the built environment.
3: I'm interested in teaching engineering, data science, and programming.
4: I'm interested in mentoring student's research project.

More? Please ask via juneyoungpark@utexas.edu
Where Am I?

Nov.   13-14: New York, NY (BuildSys)
Sept.   9-10: Perugia, Italy (Annex79)
Sept.    2-4: Rome, Italy (IBPSA)
Sep-Dec.2019: Austin, TX (UT-Austin)
June.  17-19: Atlanta, GA (i3CE)
Jun-Aug.2019: Golden, CO (NREL)
March. 13-15: San Antonio, TX (Annex79)
Feb-May.2019: Austin, TX (UT-Austin)
Jan-Feb.2019: Seoul, Korea (Holiday:)