Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Rozacky, J., Nemec, A.A., Sweasy J.B. and Kidane D. (2015). Gastric cancer associated variant of DNA polymerase beta (Leu22Pro) promotes replication associated double strand breaks. Oncotarget 2015.
  2. Kidane, D., Murphy DL and Sweasy JB. (2014) Accumulation of abasic sites induces genomic instability in normal human gastric epithelial cells during Helicobacter pylori infection.Oncogenesis;3:e128
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  4. Senejani, A.G; Liu, Y; Kidane, D; Stephen E; Maher, S.E; Zeiss,C.J; Park,H.J; Kashgarian,M; Jennifer M. McNiff, J.M  Zelterman8,D;. Bothwell, A.LM, Sweasy J.B (2014). Mutation of POL B Causes Lupus in Mice. Cell Rep. 6(1):1-8.
  5. Tadesse, S. Kidane D., Guller, S., Luo,T.,  Arcuri,F.,  Toti, P., Norwitz, E.R (2014). In vivo and in vitro  evidence for DNA damage in preeclampsia. PLoS One. 9(1):e86791
  6. Galick, HA., Kathe,S.,  Minmin Liu Susan Robey-Bond, Kidane, D; Susan S. Wallace,SS; Joann B. Sweasy . (2013) A Germline Variant of Human NTH1 DNA Glycosylase Induces Genomic Instability and Cellular Transformation. Proc Natl Acad Sci 27;110(35):14314-9.
  7. Kidane. D, Sakkas, D, Nottoli, T, McGrath, J, and Sweasy J. B. Sweasy. Kinesin 5B (KIF5B) Is Required for Progression through Female Meiosis and Proper Chromosomal Segregation in Mitotic Cells. PLoS One. 2013;8(4):e58585.
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