Publications & Presentations

Recent Publications

Zachry W, Wilson J, Koeller J, Lawson K. Procedure Costs and outcomes associated with pharmacologic management of peripheral arterial disease in the department of defense. Clin Therapeutics 1999; 21:1358-1369.

Khan Z, Rascati K, Koeller J. Economic Analysis of Carboplatin versus Cisplatin in Lung and Ovarian Cancer. Pharmacoeconomics, 1999; 16:43-57.

Khan Z, Rascati K, Koeller J, Smeeding J. Fax technology for collecting data in a computer database. Am J Health-Syst Pharm, 1999; 56:2540-2.

Koeller, J (Khan, Rascati). One 2000; 1:27-39.


Recent Presentations

“Designing Clinical Trials”, Making a Difference – National Cancer Conference, Savannah, March 2000.

“Cost of Cancer Care”, Grand Rounds – University of Cincinnati Health Science Center, Cincinnati, March 2000.

“Economics of Prostate Cancer”, AMCP National Meeting, Phoenix, April 2000.

“Oncology Pharmacy Practice”, National Oncology Pharmacy Symposium of Canada – Keynote Lecture, April 2000.

“Cost of Care in Lung Cancer”, Alaska Cancer Council Annual Meeting, Anchorage, AL, October 2000.

“Antiemetic Guidelines Review”, ASHP Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, December 2000.

“Update on CINV Therapy”, International Cancer Care Conference, Whistler, Canada, March 2001.

“Economics of Cancer Care”, National Panel of Experts – Satellite Conference, Washington, DC, June 2001.

“Update on CINV Therapy”, Argentina National Oncology Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2001.

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