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Stakeholders in Emergency Response Communication

While I was attending the 2013 International Communication Association Conference in London, I got to meet with the London Metropolitan Police Department and learn about their stakeholder approach to emergency communication. They have a great philosophy about including the community and business owners in the communication path for urgent situations. They really worked with this philosophy during the Olympics and their strategies of incorporating social media into the communication process are solid best practices. I look forward to continuing the conversation and conducting some research on my own concerning a stakeholder approach to emergency communication. This resonates well with my organizational communication research. I appreciate Trevor Wheatley-Perry of Vocal in the UK for helping arrange the visit and my college Cindy Posey also traveled from Texas to attend the meeting.

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   Sanghee Park wrote @ September 2nd, 2013 at 2:58 am

Really interesting! I have worked with a British lawyer once and definitely agree with your post. They have a unique philosophy about communication which is great !

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