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The Value of FtF and Mentoring

Dahlia and Keri 2011If you have had me for a class, you have probably heard me talk about my mentor, Dahlia Riley. I was 21 years old, starting my first job out of college at Hewlett Packard, and I was living in Los Angeles. I still had the bouncy big hair left over from the 80’s, so Dahlia took me to get a professional hair cut. I shadowed her for a year and learned how to be direct with my communication, build honest relationships with people, and of course how to shop in LA. Dahlia has been retired for some time and during this time she has painted and traveled. In September of 2011, her art was chosen for an exhibit in Ventura, California and I got to attend the reception. It was magical to re-connect with a person who taught me so much! I am so glad I went in person to see how her second career is also being successful. Her mentorship changed me in wonderful ways. I hope I can shape others lives like she has shaped mine.

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   Preeti wrote @ April 25th, 2012 at 11:43 pm

Dr. Stephens, I love how you have acknowledged your mentor here. I have not come across such a gesture on any other academic blog that I read. Glad you had the privilege of such a wonderful wise lady who was willing to share the benefit of her experience. You are a great mentor yourself too. I wish I had interacted with you more.

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