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Archive for Past Research Projects

Multicommunicating in Meetings

In May my new research on multicommunicating will be published in Management Communication Quarterly. For a while I’ve been fascinated by people attending meetings and spending much of their time paying attention to their mobile devices. This paper represents an attempt to measure the different communication reasons that people carry on multiple conversations. For example, people can ask others for clarification or they can share sarcastic comments about the speaker. There are many communication meeting behavors and some are on task and some are not. I will be using this scale to conduct more studies to better understand what people do when they are stuck in unproductive meetings and how meeting leaders can design meetings to keep attendees engaged.

Survey on communication during UT shooting incident

During the UT shooting incident last week I was struck by the different ways that people learned about the unfolding crisis.  To learn more about how this happened during our incident at UT, I devised a research study to investigate this.  It has been reviewed by UT research  (IRB) and we are currently using a randomly generated sample to complete the survey.  If you would like to share your opinions, please check back to this site in two weeks because I will post a link to that survey that will ask for volunteers.

Undergraduate Mentorship Team 2008

Jenn, Abbey '08, and Devin '09

Jenn, Abbey

This is one great group!  We spent the spring of 2008 collecting interviews on how people use technology in meetings.  This project was funded through a College of Communication Studies Undergraduate Research Mentorship Grant. Abbey now has a great job in Chicago and Devin is headed to graduate school.  Jenn is finishing up her PhD. at UT Austin and she is continuing to work on this project with Keri