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Internship Course

Typically in the spring I teach the CMS internship course at UT Austin. I love teaching this class because my job is one of helping students navigate their first few professional work experiences. In the class, the students get to think about their ideal jobs and they get to reflect on the experiences they are having in their internships. Every year I hear from 5 or 6 former students who have found wonderful jobs where they are very happy. The advice I can share with students taking this type of course is (a) be sure you have at least one if not several internships before you graduate, (b) take advantages of resources available to help you (at UT Austin we have several career centers and the College of Communication Career Center has a wealth of resources), and (c) be strategic in how you approach your internship and job hunt.

I found this excellent slideshare presentation that really fits our class PERFECTLY!!!  Please look through it and see if it gives you ideas.  I can’t wait to help you establish your brand and get an excellent job!!!

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