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Sales Communication Class

New for Fall 2014: I will be contacting former students to see if they have the time for me to interview them on film about how they have used material from this class. My hope is that their real world experiences will add a fresh perspective to this class. My students love hearing diverse opinions representing many different industries. I hope to incorporate these videos into my future classes.

The goal of my sales communication class is to expose students to basic sales communication practices.  In the class I really try to give students a realistic look at what a sales career involves and how the things we learn apply to virtually every type of career.  We have a lot of fun, learn a ton, and have to know the names of everyone in our class.  The students chose to “sell” various products and services and they do research on those topics.  They get an opportunity to practice selling services like conference facilities, advertising, and PR.  They will also be learning how to solicit major donations and selling products like sports equipment, pharmaceuticals, and computers.  I vary the format of the final sales presentations.  They range from team-based to webconferencing-based presentations. In the future I hope to grow this course and make more connections with industry.

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