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Mobile devices and our lives

There is so much happening with mobile devices (like smartphones) today that I find them very interesting.  It is so easy to have our work lives and our personal lives live on the same device.  We receive our voicemails, emails, and text messages on the same device we use to watch a short webcast and we can do that virtually anywhere.  I’m very exicted to attend the Mobile Communication and Social Policy Conference in October 2009.  I look forward to the conversations about how mobile communication intersects with organizational issues and personal life.  I am very interested in how these devices can help us, but I’m also seeing many cases where they add to our perceptions of communication overload.  I believe that policies intersect with both the positive and negative implications of mobile devices.  I’m left feeling that there are many opportunities for researches to dig deeply into these issues.

Engaging to Learn

My Teaching Philosophy:


I believe that learning happens best in an active environment where we discuss, practice, apply, and critique course content.  You will be participating throughout this class, but I am committed to give you assignments that you will view as helpful, not simply busy work.  I enjoy teaching and I love to hear that what you learn in my class helps you be successful in life.  I do my best to create an energized environment where you feel free to share your opinions and learn something every class.  I have high expectations of my students and I strive to provide you clear guidelines for all graded work.  I hope that you will become engaged in our class and that you will ask questions and provide your ideas.  Welcome!  Let’s have a great semester!