Liberal Arts College-to-Career Courses

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LA101L Unique #29355, Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00 PM, FAC 18, February 4 – March 25, 2015

LA101L Unique #29360, Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 PM, FAC 18, February 5 – March 26, 2015 

Description: This course is designed for juniors and seniors who have taken at least 12 credit hours in their major and are interested in learning to articulate the value of their major in whatever career path they pursue.  Students will develop their online brands for the job search and workplace, complete exercises which will help them identify potential careers, understand their strengths related to specific career fields, practice interviewing and networking techniques, and develop a plan for pursuing their career of interest (which might include plans for graduate or professional study).  Due to the limited number of class meetings, attendance is mandatory.

Schedule: This course will meet two hours a week for seven weeks.

Application Deadline: February 2, 2015 at noon

How To Apply: This course has a three-step application process. Each step must be completed by the deadline; however, this course may fill before the deadline – students are admitted in the order in which applications are completed. Applications will not be accepted once the course is full or after 2/2 at noon.

  1. Step 1 – Deadline 2/2 at noon: Email Caitlin von Liski ( with your course section choice (Wednesdays or Thursdays), a job or internship posting that you are interested in applying for and a brief description of how this course will help you in your job/internship search.
  2. Step 2 – Deadline 2/3 at noon: Once Step 1 is approved, you will be authorized to add/register for the course. It is fully your responsibility to register for the course. If you do not add the course by the deadline, your spot will be released for a waitlisted student.
  3. Step 3 – Deadline 2/4 at noon: You will be sent a StrengthsQuest Assessment code on 1/28; please take the assessment by the deadline and bring your printed results to the first class day.

Questions? Caitlin von Liski,, 512-471-7900


LA 320wb Unique #29410 |

LA 110wb Unique #29370 | 

Hours Requirement:  You must intern a minimum of 10 hours per week for a minimum of 12 weeks during the 14-week semester.

Student Eligibility: The Liberal Arts internship courses are open to all College of Liberal Arts students, regardless of major, who meet the following requirements:

  • You have a 2.25 or higher GPA
  • You have at least sophomore status (30+ hours) by the start of the course
  • You are registered with BTT Gateway
  • You are in good academic standing at UT Austin
  • If you have taken any of the LA internship courses in a previous semester, you earned a passing grade in each course (you have never failed an LA internship course)

Spring Application Deadline: Friday, January 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM

You must complete all three steps in the application process (see details in How To Apply section below) by the application deadline. If you do not complete one or more application steps by the application deadline, the course will be officially closed and you will not be eligible to participate in the internship course.

How To Apply: This course has a three-step application process. All steps must be completed by the application deadline listed above. NOTE: Submit your application as early as possible. If your application is not approved, having a good amount of time before the application deadline allows you to find another internship, change your internship plans or consider taking a different course before your add/drop period closes.

  1. Step 1 – Application Part I:  Part I should be completed once you have secured your internship or if you are in the process of applying for an internship and your employer needs confirmation that you will be eligible for academic credit before hiring you. Access the online [Access the online form HERE.] We will use this information to verify that you meet the student criteria and to make an initial evaluation of your internship site’s eligibility. This first step should be completed as soon as possible.
  2. Step 2 – Course Enrollment: Once Part I is approved, you will be authorized to add/register for the course. It is fully your responsibility to register for the course. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the registration/add times and related fees. Note: registering after the 4th class day during the fall/spring may result in higher fees.
  3. Step 3 – Application Part II & Credit Requirement Confirmation: Download Part II of the Internship Course Application Form [Download HERE]; you and your internship supervisor will complete and sign this form. The completed form should be scanned and emailed to Amira Sounny-Slitine, internship course coordinator, at If you cannot scan the application, you can drop it off at FAC 18 or fax it to 512-471-7903.

Questions? Contact Amira Sounny-Slitine,, 512-471-7900

Economics Career Forum

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RSVP…for the upcoming 2014 UT Economics Career Networking Forum!

What: Attend panel sessions with Economics alumni currently working in a variety of industries.  Hear their professional stories, their advice for current students, and ask them questions about their career fields. Network with alumni after panel sessions during the reception.  CLICK HERE for a tentative list of panelists for each session.

When: Friday, November 7th from 1:00-3:30pm; Networking Reception to follow from 3:30-5:00pm (food and beverages will be served)

Where: Glickman Conference Center Atrium, Liberal Arts Building (CLA)

How: Space is limited; RSVP online today!

Why: Here’s your opportunity to learn from your predecessors! Interested in a career in finance, entrepreneurship, or consulting? Learn how economics majors before you navigated into their careers, and network with professionals working in industries you’re interested in.

Panel presentations will feature UT Economics alumni from the following areas:
-Real Estate
-Consulting and Management


CLICK HERE for a tentative list of panelists for each session.

Department of Economics invites liberal arts students to attend the Economics Career Forum, with panel presentations featuring Economics alumni in the areas  

Liberal Arts Students –

 This fall, Liberal Arts Career Services is hosting a new series of targeted workshops designed to train liberal arts majors with specific tools for success in the workplace. These practical skills will give job seekers an advantage over the competition in a number of career fields. Our guest instructors bring experience using these tools in their industries, and they’ll train you on using these for yourself. Check out the Fall 2014 workshop schedule below and RSVP today to secure your spot!

Fall 2014 Schedule:

From Candidate to Employee – October 30

Presented by: Jamie Gaertner, Group Talent Acquisition Manager with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Who should attend?: Students who are applying for jobs or internships; students who are interviewing or have accepted an offer for a job or internship; students who are graduating; students interested in working in business professional fields; students about to work in their first professional settings

Social Media Marketing 101 – November 5

Presented by: Drew Carls, Social Media Community Strategist for University Communications at UT Austin

Who should attend?: Students looking for jobs involving social media marketing – fields may include marketing, advertising, PR, development, branding, community outreach, and media; students active in marketing initiatives for causes, campaigns, or student organizations; students involved in campus media

Intro to Tech Writing – November 12

Presented by: Kelly Simmons & Sarah Mendez, Tech Writers and Recruiters at National Instruments
Who should attend?: Students interested in tech writing careers; students in writing heavy majors, especially English and Rhetoric & Writing, or who are writing theses; students interested in technology or computer programming; students with an editing or publishing background

Future Workshop Topics:

Spring 2015
  January – Microsoft Office
February – Coding (Light)
February – Dining Etiquette
March – Intro to Adobe Creative Suite
March – Project Management
April – Feature Writing

Learn more and register for these workshops through our website here!

LAH Study Abroad Scholarships

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The Liberal Arts Honors Study Abroad Scholarships

The Liberal Arts Honors Program will award scholarships in varying amounts to support LAH students and Humanities majors who will be studying abroad in the Spring, Summer, and/or Fall.  An LAH student may apply for this scholarship by writing a one-page statement of his or her study abroad plans. The statement should include where and what the student will be studying, the projected cost involved, and the role that study abroad and the mastery of a foreign language plays in the student’s academic and career goals.

Now is the time to apply for Liberal Arts Honors Study Abroad Scholarships! Deadlines are:

5:00 pm November 1 for Spring.

Please submit your application online through the study abroad online scholarship application, Global Assistand select “Get Started”. The website will prompt you to set up an online profile and show you a list of scholarships which criteria you meet. If you are applying for a study abroad program not affiliated with UT, please enter program code 300999.

Both LAH students and Humanities majors are eligible to apply for the LAH Study Abroad scholarship. Please contact the LAH office with any questions.


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Federally-Funded Summer Study of Intermediate and Advanced Russian Language in Moscow

Introducing the Moscow-Texas Connections Program

Tentative Dates: June 1– August 7, 2015 (10 weeks)

The Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (CREEES) in cooperation with the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies (DSES) at The University of Texas at Austin (UT) is proud to announce the second year running a 10-week study abroad opportunity in Moscow, Russia. Made possible by a U.S. Department of Education grant, a group of 20 select Texas students will study at the prestigious Higher School of Economics in Moscow, one of the top institutions in Russia. In addition to intensive intermediate and advanced Russian language courses, the program offers content courses in English and Russian language in the areas of Russian history, economics, business, and law. This course of study will be accompanied by comprehensive career mentoring, as well as on-site networking and career mentorship opportunities, and a post-summer studying alumni network and job bank to promote professional development for participants.

More details here.


i.e., you’ll have between 30 and 59 hours by the end of this semester (or just below or above those numbers)

Are you interested in historical research, our History Honors program, and graduate school?

The following small, writing class is designed for sophomore History majors – and there will be seats for non-History majors.


Professor Julie HARDWICK

TTH     09:30am – 11:00am  GAR  0.132

HIS 317N - Thinking Like a Historian is a sophomore seminar for History majors and students who want to study history.  The class will introduce students to history research as a professional discipline: research methods, types of sources, historiography, and structure of research papers.  Students will read  a wide range of primary sources, examine how different historians have developed competing interpretations of particular topics, and develop a research project.  Students write a variety of very short papers, do a group project, and provide a written framework for their research projects.

Readings will include primary sources posted on Canvas and articles available in electronic versions through the PCL website.

Texts (subject to change):   Natalie Zemon Davis, The Return of Martin Guerre (Harvard University Press, 1984); Eric Hinderaker, The Two Hendricks: Unraveling a Mohawk Mystery (Harvard University Press, 2011); James E. Crisp, Sleuthing the Alamo: Davy Crockett’s Last Stand and Other Mysteries of the Texas Revolution (Oxford University Press, 2005)

Grading:   Six short papers 30%   Group project 20%   Research project framework 30%   Participation 20%

The Texas Undergraduate Law Review is now accepting applications for new editors! The application and a description of the position can be found on our website at www.texasulr.orgWe will accept applications through November 15th. We are also accepting submissions for the spring 2015 edition of the Texas Undergraduate Law Review Journal through December 12th.

Texas Undergraduate Law Review is the premier pre-law organization on campus. Our chief purpose is to encourage undergraduate students with a passion for contemporary legal issues to pursue their passion through scholarly research. We give undergraduate students across the nation the opportunity to see their legal writing published in a nationally reviewed academic journal.

You can visit our website or “like” us on Facebook for more information. Please direct any questions to

Submit your scholarly legal articles and apply to be an editor today!

Lower-Division Honors Courses

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List of Lower-Division LAH options. If you  are interested in taking these classes, you must sign up in the LAH Lower-Division Sign Up Book

ANT 302     Cultural Anthropology-Honors  30490 TTH 9:30-11:00    CLA 0.106   Strong- Fulfills Social Science Requirement and great for IRG and Anthropology majors

ARC 308     Architecture and Society (LAH seats reserved)   00505 TTH 9:30-11:00, T 3:30-4:30   HRH 2.104, PAR 308  Speck- Fulfills VAPA Core Requirement

*E 314L      Reading Lit in Context-Honors34120 TTH 2:00-3:30     GAR 2.124   Mallin- If you haven’t taken your LAH Writing course, this will count! Also counts for CEHET Lib Arts Req.

E 316L      Masterworks of Literature: British-Honors34315 MWF 2:00-3:00     MEZ 1.122   Scala, E. Fulfills Humanities Core Requirement

ECO 304L    Introduction to Macroeconomics-Honors     33490TTH 3:30-5:00. F 1:00-2:00    WEL 2.224, BRB 1.120    Bencivenga. Fulfills Social Science Requirement and great for ECO and IRG majors.

GOV 312L    Issues and Policies in American Gov-Honors : TOPIC Government and Business     #TBA   TTH 12:30-2:00   Room TBA   Roberts, B.  Fulfills GOV Core Requirement  GOV MAJORS Should take this!

GRG 304E    Environmental Science: A Changing World-Honors  36550TTH 5:00-6:30 TH 2:00-3:30    CLA 1.106, CLA 3.102      Meyer, T. AWESOME PART II SCIENCE REQUIREMENT

HDF 313H    Child Development: Honors     52300TTH 3:30-5:00     NOA 1.116   DIX

HIS 309L    Western Civilization in Medieval Times-Plan II/LAH    38395TTH 2:00-3:30     GAR 2.128   Coffin- ASK LINDA FOR A FORM IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS CLASS

HIS 315L    United States Since 1865-Honors     38455TTH 12:30-2:00    JES A218A   Restad, P. Fulfills US HIS CORE. AWARD WINNING PROFESSOR!

LAH 103H    The Ideas of Civic Engagement29465M 4-5:30    WEL 2.246   Carver REQUIRED FOR ALL LAH First Year Students

*LAH 305     Reacting to the Past    29475MWF 11-12   SZB 286     Lang, Elon-If you haven’t taken your LAH Writing course, this will count! Also counts for CEHET Lib Arts Req.

*LAH 305     Reacting to the Past    29470TTh 9:30-11CLA 0.122   Mayhew, L-If you haven’t taken your LAH Writing course, this will count! Also counts for CEHET Lib Arts Req.

*RHE 309S    Critical Reading and Persuasive Writing – Honors      43730 MW 2:00-3:30      FAC 7 Steel, C-If you haven’t taken your LAH Writing course, this will count!

SPN 610D    Intermediate Spanish    45940 MWF 12:00-2:00    MEZ 1.202   Postigo Olsson, P

UGS 303     Human Rights: Law, Lit-Honors62805MW 9:00-10:00, F 12:00-1:00   PAR 301, SZB 422  Hoad. If you haven’t taken your UGS yet, this is a great option!

UGS 303     Modernity and Art of Uncanny-Honors62865MW 1:00-2:00, F 1:00-2:00     FAC 21, SZB 434  If you haven’t taken your UGS yet, this is a great option too!

The Spring schedule is live! And by now you probably have looked at it and found your perfect list of classes, times and professors.  If you want to make sure the classes work for degree requirements, as well as keep you on track to graduate, or you need help navigating all of your options, choices, combinations etc… call the LAH office at 471-3458 to set up an appointment with either Stacey or Linda and we’ll be happy to help you figure it all out!

If you are interested in lower-division Honors courses, you must sign up to ‘claim your seat’ in the Lower-Division Honors Course book available in the LAH office at high noon October 22

For any upper-division LAH 350 courses you can just register (no sign up necessary). Unless, you are a Dual degree student (e.g. Government and Communication major) you must contact Stacey or Linda during your registration time to be added in to your desired LAH 350 course (as long as it is open).

Registration hint: If the upper-division LAH course is cross-listed with your major department, you should register for it under your department. It will still apply towards College Honors. Many departments have sign up sheets in their offices (I know Government does) and this guarantees you a seat.

Also, don’t forget to claim any needed AP credits.

Here is the web-site for the Center for Teaching and Learning to claim your AP:

And if you still need to take the TX GOV only test to pair with your AP GOV, here is the link for the test and a link for an additional online textbook on Texas Politics

If you want to see a detailed descriptions of Liberal Arts classes here’s the COLA Course Description web-link:



The Killam Fellowship Program awards students $5,000 each semester to study abroad at one of 18 Canadian universities. This is an exchange program, which means that students will receive in-residence credit, continue to pay their UT tuition, and all grants and scholarships remain in place. In addition to the $5,000 guaranteed award, students will also receive a health insurance allowance and up to $800 for in country travel. Further, the Killam program offers all expenses paid orientations in Ottawa, ON or Washington, DC depending on the semester of study. Students accepted to this program are eligible for additional UT Study Abroad scholarships as well, making this an extremely affordable program.

The 18 partner universities are located across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec. Between all of the available institutions, there are opportunities for all majors and disciplines. The Killam Fellowship program offers association with the Fulbright organization in addition to some of the highest ranked universities in the world.

Please see the attached flyer for details:  Killam Fellowship Program

The December 10th deadline is for applicants wishing to study abroad during the 2015-2016 academic year.