About LAMN

The Longhorn Association for Men in Nursing is an organization that is founded to serve the underrepresented population of men at the The University of Texas School of Nursing. Males currently comprise about ten percent of the undergraduate students and eighteen percent of the graduate students at the School of Nursing. We as an organization mentor current male nursing students, encourage more men at the University and high school levels to enter the field of nursing, and aim to dissolve the stigma of men who are nurses.

Our Mission:

  1. To encourage more men to enter the field of nursing.
  2. Be a positive voice and inspiration to the young men in our community.
  3. Examine the perspective that male healthcare providers hold, with a focus on the experiences of men in the nursing profession.

The Longhorn Association for Men in Nursing DOES NOT segregate the student body of the School of Nursing, nor that of the University of Texas at Austin. Instead, we aim to make The Longhorn Association of Men in Nursing an additional student organization that will complement the assemblage of School of Nursing Student Organizations for undergraduate and graduate students.