Fluvial Morphodynamics and Channels Patterns

25 02 2012

During the Fall meeting 2011 of American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, Dr. Latrubesse in collaboration with Dr. Jorge Abad (University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Stefano Lanzoni (University of Padua-Italy) organized a special session EP08: Fluvial Morphodynamics and Channels Patterns. This session intended to bridge the gap between the different disciplinary and methodological approaches to address the characterization, classification, space-time evolution and geological interpretation of fluvial channel patterns. The session had as invited speakers to Jim Best, Professor, Department of Geology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA;  Paul Carling, Professor, Physical Geography, University of Southampton, UK Maarten Kleinhans, Lecturer, Fac. of Geosciences, Utrecht University the Netherlands;  Huang,  At total 60 papers were presented by researchers from North America, Asia, Europe and South America and Abad, Latrubesse and Lanzoni are acting as Guest Editors of a Special Issue of the prestigious journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms that will be edited with the contributions of this meeting.



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