New Publications 2014-2016

23 03 2016

Past two years for the Large Rivers Group had been very busy and productive. Here are the new publications from our research lab members!

Restrepo, J. D., Park, E., Aquino, S., & Latrubesse, E. M. (2016). Coral reefs chronically exposed to river sediment plumes in the southwestern Caribbean: Rosario Islands, Colombia. Science of The Total Environment, 553, 316-329.

 Matos, M. V., Borges, S. H., d’Horta, F. M., Cornelius, C., Latrubesse, E., Cohn‐Haft, M., & Ribas, C. C. (2016). Comparative Phylogeography of Two Bird Species, Tachyphonus phoenicius (Thraupidae) and Polytmus theresiae (Trochilidae), Specialized in Amazonian White‐sand Vegetation. Biotropica, 48(1), 110-120.

Park, E*. and Latrubesse, E. (2015) Surface water types and sediment distribution patterns at the confluence of mega rivers: Solimoes-Amazon and Negro Rivers. Water Resources Research, 51.

Latrubesse, E. (2015) Large rivers, mega fans and other Quaternary avulsive fluvial systems: A potential “who’s who” in the geological records. Earth Science Reviews. 146, 1-30.

YO Feitosa, ML Absy, EM Latrubesse, JC Stevaux (2015) Late Quaternary vegetation dynamics from central parts of the Madeira River in Brazil. Acta Botanica Brasilica .

EM Latrubesse, JC Stevaux (2015) The Anavilhanas and Mariuá Archipelagos: Fluvial Wonders from the Negro River, Amazon Basin. Landscapes and Landforms of Brazil.

Latrubesse, E. and Restrepo, J. (2014). The Role of Andean Rivers on global sediment yield. Geomorphology.

Park, E*. and Latrubesse, E. (2014) Modeling suspendes sediment distribution patterns of the Amazon River using MODIS data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 147, 232-242.



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