New Publications Summer 2013

3 07 2013

Members of the Latrubesse Research Group have been busy this summer in and out of the field! Here are a few articles we have published so far this year:

Articles In Press 3-July-2013:

Filizola, N., E. M. Latrubesse, P. Fraizy, R. Souza, V. Guimarães, and J. L. Guyot. 2013. Was the 2009 flood the most hazardous or the largest ever recorded in the Amazon? Geomorphology

Montero, J. C., and E. M. Latrubesse. 2013. The igapó of the Negro River in central Amazonia: Linking late-successional inundation forest with fluvial geomorphology. Journal of South American Earth Sciences

Latrubesse, E. M., J. C. Stevaux, and K. R. Young. 2013. Hydro-geomorphologic processes and Quaternary landforms controlling biotic components in South American wetlands: Introduction. Journal of South American Earth Science

Marchetti, Z. Y., E. M. Latrubesse, M. S. Pereira, and C. G. Ramonell. 2013. Vegetation and its relationship with geomorphologic units in the Parana River floodplain, Argentina. Journal of South American Earth Sciences

Valente, C. R., E. M. Latrubesse, and L. G. Ferreira. 2013.Relationships among vegetation, geomorphology and hydrology in the Bananal Island tropical wetlands, Araguaia River basin, Central Brazil. Journal of South American Earth Sciences

Articles In Print 3-July-2013:

Abad, J. D., H. Montoro, and E. Latrubesse. 2013. Assessing the Effects of Climate Change on Tropical River Basins. EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 94 (3):32-32.

Lafrenz, M. D., R. A. Bean, and D. Uthman. 2013. Soil ripening following dam removal. Physical Geography:1-12.

Valente, C. R., and E. M. Latrubesse. 2012. Fluvial archive of peculiar avulsive fluvial patterns in the largest Quaternary intracratonic basin of tropical South America: The Bananal Basin, Central-Brazil. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 356–357 (0):62-74.

Latrubesse, E. M., J. C. Stevaux, E. H. Cremon, J.-H. May, S. H. Tatumi, M. A. Hurtado, M. Bezada, and J. B. Argollo. 2012. Late Quaternary megafans, fans and fluvio-aeolian interactions in the Bolivian Chaco, Tropical South America. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 356–357 (0):75-88.

Sinha, R., E. M. Latrubesse, and G. C. Nanson. 2012. Quaternary fluvial systems of tropics: Major issues and status of research. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 356–357 (0):1-15.



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