The research program has, as a priority, international research in South America and other large rivers of the world such as the Amazon, Paraná, Mississippim, Madeira, Madre de Dios, Magdalena, Sao Francisco, Negro, Xingú, Orinoco, Araguaia, among others.

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Projects under development in South American countries (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Perú and Colombia) contribute to the existing influence of the Department of Geography and the Environment in the international scene. Through different links (research projects, networks, publications, lab analysis, etc) the research team maintain links in the USA, especially with the University of Pittsburgh, Duke University, ECU and a set of Latin American

Institutions such as Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM), Universidade Federal de Sergipe (Brazil), Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), INPA (Brazil), Universidade Federal de Goiás (Brazil) CONICET (Argentina), Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), Universidad el Libertador (Venezuela). On the regional scale, we maintain in USA active research on the Mississippi River.

List of Current Projects

  • Madeira River, Brazilian Amazon, NSF- Morphodynamics of an Amazon megariver facing disruption: The Madeira, (ongoing). National Geographic Society- Exploring a soon to be lost Amazon world: a geomorphologic, paleontologic  and geo-archaeologic expedition to the Madeira River. National Science foundation-RAPID project- (pending) Exploring an endangered Amazon world: rescuing the Quaternary paleogeographic, paleoecologic and paleohydrological record of the Madeira River before its destruction- 2011.  The project includes graduate students and Brazilian institutions (UFAM, UNESP and INPA).
  • Amazon River- Ongoing projects- Was the 2009 the largest or the most hazardous flood recorded in the Amazon basin? Peculiarities of a complex system Mellon Research Travel Grant, LLILAS, UT. Multitemporal megapatterns of suspended sediments distribution in the Amazon River and the role of largest tributaries (ongoing MA thesis). Collaboration with HIESA-Spatial Hydrology of the Amazon,  project, founded by FINEP-Brazil  and managed by UFAM, Brazil.
  • Madre de Dios River, Peruvian Amazon. Grants from LLILAS and National Geographic Society. Mining Impact and hydro-geomorphologic responses in the Madre de Dios basin, Peruvian Amazon (one MA student involved).
  • Araguaia River, Brazil. Hydro-geomorphology and Human Impacts in the Araguaia basin Research in collaboration with Universidade Federal de Goiás-UFG-LABOGEF, Brazil. Previous grants founded by NASA.
  • Floods in Southwestern Brazilian Amazon. Remote sensing and hydrological assessment- UT researchers involved.
  • The Chaco  Megafans (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia). Argentina-  Mellon Research Travel Grant, LLILAS, UT Austin and a PhD student granted by CONICET-. Quaternary of the Chaco megafans- Hiper-avulsive rivers in the Chaco plain and strategies for river management.
  • Llanos del Orinoco, Venezuela. The Quaternary of the Orinoco Llanos.  In collaboration with researchers from UPELD, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Parana River, Argentina. Several projects under development in collaboration with Universidad Nacional del Litoral and CIEGRI (Large Rivers Research Center), Santa Fe city, including three PhD students and one postdoctoral researcher.
    a) Quaternary Paleohydrology of the Parana River Floodplain, Argentina.
    b)The hydrogeomorphologic origin and morphodynamic of the lake systems of the Parana alluvial plain, Argentina.
    c) Morphodynamic and facies model of the Middle Parana River from Corrientes to Rosario;
    d) Interactions among vegetation and morphodynamic processes in the Parana River floodplain, Argentina
  • Sao Francisco River, Brazil. Geological characterization of the continental shelf and the influence of fluvial sources in NE Brazil (SE and AL States), UFS-PETROBRAS- FAPESE. One PhD dissertation under development.
  • Hydro-geomorphology and Global Change in the Magdalena River basin, Colombia, in collaboration with University EAFIT, Medellin.
  • Mississippi River. Adjustments of the effective discharge and channel geometry of the  Mississippi River to engineering since the XX Century (one MA student involved).
  • The Role of Andean Rivers on global sediment yield. In collaboration with Dr. J. Restrepo (EAFIT and LLILAS Tinker Professor).

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