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LLILAS Benson Directors’ response to “mock immigration sting” by Young Conservatives of Texas UT Chapter

News of plans for the “mock immigration sting” to be staged by the YCT reached the LLILAS Executive Committee today, and was the focus of vigorous, unanimous repudiation.   We view these plans as a direct attack on Latino / Latin

Energy Reform in Mexico, the 2013 Edition

A little over a month ago, President Peña Nieto delivered an energy reform proposal to the Mexican Senate.  If passed, it will be the most significant change to the energy sector since the 1938 nationalization of the oil industry.  The

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Free Pass Movement and Other Blind Spots of the Brazilian Left

The undeniable advances of the last decades in Brazil—economic growth with income redistributions and political stability, among others—are being contested, and why not say, threatened by protests that took over that country in the last months. And this is good.

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Indigenous Latin Americans are not Latin!

A plea for the teaching of indigenous languages of Latin America  Speakers of indigenous languages inhabit worlds not easily described under the rubric of “Latin” or “Hispanic”. The values guiding their daily lives, the rituals giving meaning to their existence

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